To paraphrase the announcer from the 1992 film “A League Of Their Own” prior to the championship game at the end of the movie:

Saturday night in Plattsburgh, one team will leave the rink Division III women’s champions and one team will just leave the rink.

Top-ranked Plattsburgh, coming off a 5-3 win Friday over Middlebury, will play for the championship on home ice against Wisconsin-River Falls, which bounced Elmira 4-3 in overtime last night.

So what gives Saturday night? Does Plattsburgh prove to be too much of a force? Or does River Falls ride the momentum and pull off the upset?

Candace and Matt are here for the final pick of the season.

Wis.-River Falls at Plattsburgh
Candace: This is still Plattsburgh’s to lose to me. I like the Cardinals in a tight one. Plattsburgh 3-1
Matt: Boy, this is not easy and precisely the reason I don’t gamble. Both teams are offensive juggernauts, that’s for sure, but like I have said all season, I really believe this is Plattsburgh’s time to three-peat. I really believe that. Not taking anything away from River Falls, which will make it close, but I’ll say Plattsburgh with a 4-2 win on a late empty-net goal.

Elmira versus Middlebury
Candace: This will be a tight game as well, but I’m favoring Elmira. Elmira 3-1

  • WatchTheGameFilm

    I like your enthusiasm for Cornell but their un-Schafer-esque way of giving up third period goals this year has me wondering.  Blowing a 3-0 lead at Princeton sucks balls.

    • Anonymous

      True, but that was one of our worst games all season. Did you watch the weekend series at CC? It’s basically a tale of two teams. Including the one that just doesn’t give up goals at Lynah.

      • WatchTheGameFilm

        Well, they haven’t played at Lynah in a month and a half so I don’t know if we can expect the streak to carry over.  I didn’t actually see the games at CC.  I listened online.  The most remarkable thing to me is that the team came back on Saturday night.  Usually when they fall behind to the faster teams the defense gets really spotty.  Anyway, CC did well on the power play as did Harvard back in November.  After the first period of that game they really limited Cornell’s shots (as did Dartmouth).  I’m a pessimist by nature when it comes to sports.  Harvard’s and Dartmouth’s coaches know our game plan (it rarely changes) and they have shown the ability to win at Lynah in the past.  

        • Anonymous

          Very true, but always bet on the Red at Lynah. Historically the team has a 70%+ winning percentage at home. I was at Hobey for the Princeton fiasco and it seemed like the team started playing a different game when they let up the goal. Primary thing is that this team has a lot of talent and speed that it hasn’t had before. The freshman class is probably the best in the country and as they’ve proved they can go end to end with the best teams in the country. They should beat Harvard and Dartmouth, but anything can happen on this weekend, so while I’m not as bullish as Brian, I can see why he’s so confident

          • WatchTheGameFilm

            Everything I was afraid would happen happened – and we escape with the win.

  • CornellPropagandaTrain

    Sullivan, sometime I wonder how you even still have this job. Clarkson scored 7 goals last weekend and out-shot Brown by a factor of 2, how is that a weak offense?  Tech has only allowed two goals from powerhouse North Dakota two games before, and though they did loose to Maine and Cornell they did so without the help of Hobey Baker Candidate Paul Karpowich. Is that what you mean by the “goal-tending be a no-show,” when he physically wasn’t there?

     The only one that is on the brink of a mathematical elimination is you, Sullivan. Where’s Owen when we need a competent sports blogger?

    • A) Clarkson has only scored 20 goals in its last nine games, and has only scored more than two in a game three times in that stretch (2-5-2 over that period). It’s not the least consistent offense I’ve ever seen, but it certainly qualifies as both weak and inconsistent.

      B) The Knights allowed 31 goals over the same stretch, surrendering 3+ goals in a game seven times. Furthermore, I didn’t call out Karpowich specifically – I know he’s been under the weather.

      C) If you are such a sharp cookie, where was your application when the job of co-correspondent was advertised a few months ago?

  • kdiff77

    Not to nitpick, Nate, but Brown and Q’pac tied last weekend. 

    • You’re right.. mix up on my part.

  • BW Parker

    Anyone know what happened to nationally ranked Colgate goalie Alex Evin, who is not with the team?   The Raiders are getting whipped and their backup netminder is a walk-on from the rowing team!

    • I believe he was sick/injured but is starting tonight.

  • Lilwright6

    RPI with the shutout of Brown and shuting out Yale now!