Women’s D-III semifinals are Friday at Plattsburgh. Nothing more needs to be said except for, well, the picks of Candace and Matt.

Friday, March 18

Middlebury versus Plattsburgh, 3:30 p.m. EDT
Candace: Middlebury will make it close, but not close enough. Plattsburgh 5-2
Matt: This is Plattsburgh’s year. I like the Cardinals with a win here with Kayla Meneghin tallying two goals and an assist. Plattsburgh 5-2

Wisconsin-River Falls versus Elmira, 7 p.m. EDT
Candace: Probably the hardest game to pick. Elmira pulled off one upset last week, and I think the Soaring Eagles do again. Elmira 3-1
Matt: Too close to call, but we have to, right? Let’s go with River Falls here. I think the offense is too strong with Chloe Kinsel leading the way. I’ll say Wis.-River Falls 3-1

We’ll be back Saturday morning with our title game picks!

  • Jfh24

    So, I guess that’s why your blog is not listed on the main menu of the site.:) It got supplanted by AHA.

  • me264

    I agree that the ECAC has not fared great against other Big 4 conferences.  However, I think it is worth considering that many of these games are played on the road because major CCHA and WCHA teams won’t travel and the Ivies (who make up half of the ECAC) often play non-conference games early in the year against teams that already have 5-7 games under their belts. 

  • Nah, I just had my update posted later than the other leagues’, due to the unexpected Sunday games.

  • Leggs2

    Agreed, it’s the Big Three.  It seems each year there are perhaps 2 ECAC teams that are worthy of national recognition, after that, a bunch of relatively poor to okay teams.