It’s down to No. 1 Plattsburgh and No. 2 Elmira.


For all the marbles in women’s Division III.

Candace and Matt take the floor for one final time this season.

Elmira at Plattsburgh
Candace: These two have each beaten the other this season, and are the two most recent national champions. I have to think home ice makes a difference. Plattsburgh 3-2
Matt: Too close to call. Really, it is. Both teams have so much talent that it’s unfair one team has to lose. These powerhouses are so similar in every facet of the game, each team has its high-end players and top-end coaches. But I still have to pick a winner. Hmmm… I can’t. No, I will. Elmira, 3-2.

Third-place game: Norwich vs. Wisconsin-River Falls.
Candace: Norwich didn’t looked a little more raw than the Falcons. Wis.-River Falls 4-2
Matt: I have River Falls here, 4-1.

  • Union ’97

    I believe Union is 15-2-3 in the last 20 on the road dating back to last year.  That has got to be one of (if not the) best road records in college hockey. 
    This team plays their game, they can beat anyone.

  • nogofer

    Harvard goes to UND next week.  We’ll see how they do, then we’ll talk possibly seeing Union in the post-season.  I’m not holding my breath…