This weekend’s featured matchup needs no hype. The numbers speak for themselves, as No. 2 Elmira travels to play No. 1 Plattsburgh.

All the clichés apply here. It’s a date both teams had circled on their calendars and for good reason.

It wouldn’t surprise us in the least to see one of these teams hoist a national championship in a few weeks, and this weekend may be an indication which bird does it, the Soaring Eagles or the Cardinals.

It may be hard to pick a winner here, as all we can say is “Hmmm,” and then more of the same.

That said, our weekend picks for this series and two other series are below.

Friday, Jan. 30

No. 5 Adrian at St. Scholastica
Candace: Home ice might keep this close, but I like Adrian to win. Adrian 4-1
Matt: Adrian swept St. Scholastica earlier this season, but overall, St. Scholastica is 8-8-2. Even so, St. Scholastica has just three wins in eight games since Dec. 12. Adrian rolls here and does it on the back of goalie Jade Walsh, who I figure to get some Laura Hurd Award attention.

Saturday, Jan. 31

No. 2 Elmira at No. 1 Plattsburgh
Candace: I’m not going to overthink this. Home ice wins. Plattsburgh 3-2
Matt: Wow. Just. Wow. I’m not a betting man by any means and if I was, this series would petrify me to no end. The two best teams in the country going at it. What’s better than that? The fan in me says a split, but so does the journalist in me. I see Plattsburgh winning Saturday and then Elmira getting the win Sunday, either on a late goal or in overtime.

Monday, Feb. 2

No. 3 Norwich at No. 4 Middlebury
Candace: This one will also be quite the battle, and I will again pick home ice in the battle of Vermont. Middlebury 3-2
Matt: The top four teams battling one another over a three-day span? Yes, please. This is an NCAA tournament primer, for sure. Norwich plays Plymouth State and Massachusetts-Boston over the weekend and then Middlebury on Monday, while Middlebury has two games with Hamilton prior to Norwich. It’ll be a close game between two tired clubs, but Norwich gets the duke.

  • Adam

    UNO got robbed Friday night and had almost every goal reviewed saturday. This is not good for a team still sore over a controversial call to end last years season.

    • guest

      I don’t understand how Don Adam is still allowed to ref games at the NCAA level after all his terrible calls over the years.

    • jdhockeyboyz

      Since the WCHA has had video review, the referees have taken it upon themselves to stop the flow and momemtum of games by:
      reviewing goals that seem to have no basis to trigger a review
      taking and inordinately long time to reach an obvious conclusion
      Do they have the same access to replay that TV viewers have?
      In the end it’s a shame that they can take a long second look at a play and still get it wrong like they did Friday at CC.

    • jmsptrk

      yeah. UNO definitely got hosed.

    • collegehockeyfan

      Wow, that was a pretty bad call.. Too bad for UNO, they needed that game.

    • I Bleed Maroon And Gold

      Couldn’t agree more. I watched that game of Friday and couldn’t believe that goal was disallowed.  The refs only get to view the overhead view, but even from that angle there was no distinct kicking motion and should have clearly been allowed.  In response to a post below, Don Adam is horrendous.  People get on Derek Shepherd a lot (at least in Minnesota), but Don Adam is so, so, so much worse.  I wasn’t paying attention to who was officiating the game, but I wasn’t surprised to see Don Adam after that goal was disallowed. Terrible.

    • James Price

      I dislike Adam and Shepherd as much as everyone else in the WCHA, but I think they did get the call right.  The rules on goals off skates are different in college compared to the NHL.  The NCAA hockey rule book notes the following — Rule 6, Section 18 (a):  A goal shall not be allowed if the puck has been kicked or directed into the goal off an attacking player’s skate or any body part. When in doubt, the goal shall be disallowed. A goal shall be allowed if a puck deflects off an attacking player who is in the act of stopping.