Championship weekend opens this afternoon at Plattsburgh’s Ronald B. Stafford Ice Arena. As always, choosing winners at this point of the season is akin to rolling dice in a windstorm. Here’s our take.

Friday, March 21

No. 6 St. Thomas at No. 1 Plattsburgh 3:30 pm

Back in the first half of the season, Plattsburgh goalie Sydney Aveson told us that the Cardinals were driven to resolve “unfinished business”, dating back from last spring. And who would doubt a club that has essentially run the table? Statistically, the hosts have no equals. Plattsburgh’s strength runs deep throughout its roster. Its 26-1-1 record as well as an unheard of +122 goal differential is an intimidating factor in the way opponents devise their respective game plans. The Tommies, impressive in 2014; only two blips on an otherwise clean slate, possess a dynamic lineup, buoyed by goalie Alise Riedel. I see St. Thomas keeping within arm’s reach of the Cardinals through the early action. However, going against, what has been a season-long perfect setup to the title for Plattsburgh is unwise. Plattsburgh 3-1

No. 4 Wisconsin-River Falls vs. No. 2 Norwich 7:00 pm

The Cadets need to keep the nation’s fourth-ranked offense from getting untracked. The Falcons offensive talents go deep through the lineup, as such, contributions occur on a game by game basis. Norwich’s Tori Charron is a menace to opposing defensive schemes, and senior defenders Brittany Sharman and Kayla Parsons are among the most accomplished pair in the nation. The Cadets’ specialty teams rank slightly higher than their opponents, although the WIAC champions numbers are slightly skewed by a number of early season, in-conference shootouts. With few threads to common opponents, this is among the most difficult games to pick this season. Defense wins for the Cadets. Norwich 2-1





  • lah02476

    Amen, Jim! I’m a long-time  BC season ticket holder who did not attend the game. I was disturbed that BC would give up a home game for this, especially since they played there just two years ago. This was just an occasion for the Red Sox to make a quick buck. I wasn’t going to sit in the freezing cold AGAIN to watch a regular season hockey game, and put more money in the Red Sox owners pockets.

  • Guest

    Maybe it’s time for UAF and UAA to play an outdoor game.  40 below zero hockey.  Who wouldn’t love it?

  • NUHockey

    Couldn’t agree more with this article on so many levels.  NU fan here.  People were complaining after the first announcement that NU remained out of consideration for a Fenway game yet again, but frankly, I was happy they weren’t playing an outdoor game.  People don’t seem to realize that you sacrifice so much for the POTENTIAL of creating an atmospheric once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I’d much rather have the players play in the same conditions they normally do, and be able to watch a game comfortably.  These games are losing their luster due to the sheer saturation of outdoor games. 

  • E. L. Dyceo

    Wow, an entire paragraph devoted to maligning the various organizations that irreparably sullied the event through their selfish desire to have a once in a lifetime experience, and you STILL managed not to acknowledge the existence of Division III.  You guys are nothing if not consistent.