Rochester Institute of Technology emerged as the big winner out of this past weekend’s East/West Hockey Classic hosted by Norwich at Kreitzberg Arena.

The Tigers were the only team to emerge unscathed at the tournament, downing Norwich 3-1 on Friday night, before trouncing New England College 8-0 on Saturday afternoon.

RIT’s biggest issues the past few years that have held them back have been goaltending. Head coach Scott McDonald has addressed that issue this season as Laura Chamberlain had a stellar debut weekend.

The freshman from Norco, Calif., limited the defending NCAA Division III runner-up Cadets to just one goal on Friday to help backstop the Tigers to the win with 30 saves.

Chamberlain followed up the next day by turning aside all nine shots she faced to shutout N.E.C. to pick up her first career shutout and solidify her selection as the East/West Hockey Classic Most Valuable Player.

With Chamberlain manning the pipes and arguably the nation’s best 1-2 scoring punch with senior forwards Katie Stack and Sarah Dagg, maybe 2010-2011 will finally be the season the Tigers get over the hump and win their first ECAC West title.

Stack led the nation with 31 goals a year ago and had a tremendous debut Friday night with two goals to lead RIT’s offense. She followed up with two assists the next night on her way to making the all-tournament team.

Yes it’s early, but don’t underestimate the importance of how big this weekend was for RIT Beating Norwich on the Cadets home ice while Elmira lost to Norwich gives the Tigers a leg up already on the Soaring Eagles. It also gives RIT a nice win to put in its back pocket if they are in the NCAA Tournament playoff picture and possible Frozen Four host list.

Yes it’s the first week of the season. Just saying, don’t forget this weekend. It could be the difference between the Frozen Four in Northfield, Vt., or Rochester, N.Y.

My picks never made it up on the site but they were as follows:

Friday, Oct. 29th

RIT @ Norwich

Elmira vs NEC

Oswego vs Adrian

Saturday, Oct. 30th


Elmira @ Norwich

St. Norbert vs Bethel

Oswego vs Adrian

I nailed the Oswego/Adrian split. Just missed which date each team would win. Overall, a 4-3 week. Could have been 6-1 if I just would have picked the split right.

New kids on the block

Congrats to St. Norbert for picking up its first varsity Division III win with a 2-0 shutout over Bethel on Saturday. De Pere, Wis., the town that St. Norbert College located in, loves its Green Knights’ hockey. The locals average over 1,000 people a game at their traditionally top-ranked men’s team games. They showed their support for the women’s club on Saturday as well with 517 in attendance for the program’s first game at the Resch Olympic Pavilion.

Fellow D-III and NCHA newcomer, St Scholastica will play the inaugural game in the program’s history on Friday when the Saints host Augsburg.

  • Wasmania

    Please share some of your rationale for your top 20, seeing as though it is quite different from the published rankings of uscho, inch etc.

    • Bsullivan82

      I’ll address this in the next blog in a little more depth, but to answer the only reasonable question posted so far, here is my thought process:

      -I’m looking at how the teams have fared so far, and against whom.
      -If they haven’t played yet, I’m gauging their potential vis-a-vis the rest of the field.

      Obviously, there aren’t many games played yet, but those who didn’t play well last weekend aren’t going to be ranked very highly… those who lit it up, get boosted toward the top. I don’t believe in ranking based on how good I think they should be, or where I believe they’ll end up in March/April; I’m submitting my polls based solely on merit.

      • Wasmania

        So BC is not the best because they return most of the players that won last years championship, they are the best because they won a nailbiter against Northeastern. Etc Etc Etc. Dude just admit it, its your blog and you want to do a vain, homer take on the rankings.

        • ECACWriter

          I had hoped that you were the (only) level-headed one, and would engage in some give-and-take… no, BC is No. 1 because they finished last season No. 1, and haven’t done anything to lose that spot. They’re a perfect 1-0-0 this season.

  • Joeschultz

    What a retarded list ont the rankings. You are a cement head!

  • Siouxnh

    UND 13th? UNH 3rd? You’re lost!!!!!!

  • Nodak Brian

    What’s next, an all-ECAC Frozen Four prediction? For pete’s sake, at least TRY to put together an objective top 20 list.

  • SiouxFanatic

    lol your rankings are hilarious. Talk about out of touch. You seriously would rank North Dakota at 13 above the ones you listed?(BC is exception)

    Do you watch hockey besides your Eastern teams?

  • You can’t be serious. You hurting for hits and trolling for comments?

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    Put the pipe down now.

    • yeah good point Sioux Rube, he should put down the crack pipe. :)

      • ECACWriter

        Side note: North Dakota fans are apparently trying to drop their team from the rankings in my next poll. Ha.

        • The ranking in this poll are incoherent.

  • RWD

    Colorado College? Dude, Bachman is gone. He was gone last year too. And sucked the year before that.

  • J_ott

    THIS GUY is lost… Union ranked better than the SIOUX? yeah right

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    Stick to Lacrosse

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    Did you bump your head?

    Set your dart board back up and throw again, maybe you’ll be closer next time.

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