Looking to clinch
All four conferences could be won outright by the end of this weekend, and two of the leaders have that objective entirely within their own control.

No. 1 Boston College can wrap up Hockey East with two wins. First is a rematch of the Beanpot final when the Eagles host No. 6 Northeastern, Friday, 2 p.m. EST. On Tuesday, BC took control early and put the game out of reach with a five-goal third period.

Sunday, BC travels to Vermont for another 2 p.m. start. The Catamounts own a two-game win streak for the first time since winning on both sides of the holiday break, as they attempt to break the Boston College victory string that has grown to 30. If it stretches to 32 on Sunday, the Eagles will have their third straight season title.

No. 2 Wisconsin can earn the WCHA trophy with a sweep of Minnesota State when the Mavericks visit LaBahn Arena for contests Saturday and Sunday at 2:07 p.m. CST. The Badgers outscored MSU by a 13-0 margin when they made a trip to Mankato in October. This will be UW’s first season crown since 2012. If Ann-Renée Desbiens adds two more shutouts, she’ll tie the NCAA season mark.

In ECAC Hockey, No. 4 Quinnipiac claims at least a share of the championship with a pair of victories. The Bobcats welcome St. Lawrence Friday at 5 p.m. EST. Quinnipiac cruised to a 5-0 triumph over the Saints in November in Canton. Saturday brings No. 5 Clarkson, the second-place team in the ECAC, for a 4 p.m. faceoff in Hamden. The Bobcats have won the last three meetings over the Golden Knights, all shutouts.

Ironically, either St. Lawrence or Clarkson can help Quinnipiac clinch an outright title if they can take points at No. 8 Princeton. The Golden Knights and Tigers drop the puck Friday, 7 p.m. EST. On Saturday at 3 p.m. EST, its the Saints’ turn in Hobey Baker Rink.

Mercyhurst, with only a two-point lead over Syracuse, needs help from Robert Morris if its going to lock up the CHA. The Lakers head to RIT for games Friday and Saturday at 2 p.m. EST. Meanwhile, the Colonials will be in Syracuse to square off with the Orange, Friday, 7 p.m. EST, and Saturday, 3 p.m.

  • BenAL18

    Weird. Another week of Paula really going out on a limb and picking split series except for the obvious pick against the worst team. How about you use your so called expertise and make an actual pick instead of splits. If the results went the way of your picks then every team in the ccha would end up .500. Want some picks? WMU and Lake State will take 5 of 6 points in their respective series while your beloved Wolverines will sweep ND and take 6.

    • Paula Weston

      Really, BenAL18?  Would you NOT call splits in this league?  And have you seen the standings?  Three teams are at .500; three more are between .500 and .600 and one more is just below .500.  That’s the way this season has been. 

      I don’t get any credit for calling a split in a given weekend when teams do split but win on nights opposite of what I’ve called.  I do take losses for both of those games.  
      Four points separate the third-place team from the eighth-place team in this league going into this weekend.  I’d say that splits are the norm, not the exception. 

      • BenAL18

        Anyone can sit here and pick the norm but you’re supposed to be the expert so I would expect more then just picking split series every weekend. I haven’t looked very closely and don’t plan on doing so but I would venture to guess you also pick the home team in your series splits. After years of reading but never commenting I’m more then sick of watching you make picks that anyone who looks at the standings can pick. I’d also love to see just once you pick a national “mid major” program such as a NMU, WMU or Lake State over a ND, Michigan, MSU or OSU. I know it’s not the “norm” but who would watch a game if the “norm” always proved true. The fact that you still have ND ranked above WMU after WMU just swept ND is laughable just like the poles.

        • MSUStu

          You want her to give an expert opinion, but complain she doesn’t go out on a limb and picks sweeps. Seems to me an expert opinion means she needs to tell you how it is, which she is. By the way, she is 4-0 so far this weekend going 4 for 4 on Friday night. Also, if you knew anything about the CCHA, I think you’d realize that none of the series are home and home – the CCHA doesn’t have too many of those anymore since they fell to 11 teams. You complain that she isn’t picking mid-majors to win, yet I see her picking LSSU to win at LSSU (which LSSU hasn’t won in East Lansing in 16 years – going 0-18-3 now in their last 21 games in East Lansing). And she picked Ferris State to beat Ohio State in Columbus. Seems to me you’re looking rather dumb right now, and Paula is looking spot on – like an expert.

          • MSUStu

            That should be LSSU winning in East Lansing – where they haven’t won in 16 years. That’s going out on a limb (one that I hope proves to be wrong).

          • MUAlum

            Bravo…  it’s always nice to see someone put people in their place.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve disagreed with some of Paula’s posts in the past, but if I’m going to make a post – I usually try not to sound like a fool.  Anyone who readily admits they haven’t fully investigated an issue, but will make broad conclusions and assumptions, well that just speaks for itself.  If you’re bitter because she picked ND over WMU despite the sweep – that’s fair (I would tend to agree), but unfortunately you lost all of your credibility before that.  Polls are perception, and perception is reality.  So the reality is people (and not just Paula) think that ND is better than WMU.  If you disagree, fine.  But why do you insist on such destructive criticism?

    • gstud

      Western Michigan taking 5 of 6 points?  Miami is have an off year but they are still the class of the CCHA playing at home.  Try Miami takes 6 points.