Last week I had a pretty strong forecast, going 21-3-4 (.821), upping my yearly record to 241-70-35 (.747).

We’ve got some potentially tricky games to call this week, so let’s get to it.

Friday, Jan. 15

Dartmouth at Clarkson
The Big Green haven’t won since November. It won’t change here. Clarkson 3-1

Brown at Colgate
Might be close, but I like the home team. Colgate 3-1

Yale at Cornell
Which Yale team shows up, and which Cornell team? I’ll go with home ice. Cornell 3-2

Harvard at St. Lawrence
The Saints are a good middle-of-the-pack team, beating who they should and losing to who they should. Harvard 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 15-16

Penn State at RIT
The Tigers looked awful last week. Perhaps they’ll get a split here, but again, there’s no percentage in picking it. Penn State 2-1, 2-1

Mercyhurst at Syracuse
A series likely to end in a split. Mercyhurst 3-1, Syracuse 3-2

Union versust Rensselaer
This could be a time for Union to get its first win in this home-and-home, but there’s no percentage in picking it. A tie is likely. Rensselaer 2-1, 2-1

Boston College versus Merrimack
A home-and-home where the scores could get really ugly, depending on whether the Eagles decide to take it easy or not. Boston College 5-1, 6-1

Wisconsin at Bemidji State
The Badgers have owned this matchup for years. Wisconsin 3-1, 4-1

St. Cloud State at Ohio State
Do the Buckeyes get a little revenge? Probably a split. Ohio State 2-1, St. Cloud 3-2

North Dakota at Minnesota-Duluth
Which NoDak team shows up, the one that beat Minnesota and Wisconsin, or the one that lost to Ohio State? This was a split back in November and likely is again. North Dakota 3-2, Minnesota-Duluth 2-1

Robert Morris at Quinnipiac
Probably another split, though I have no idea who wins on which night, so … Quinnipiac 2-1, 3-2

Saturday, Jan. 16

Harvard at Clarkson
Harvard will desperately want to win this for momentum going into the game against BC, but I like Clarkson on home ice. Clarkson 2-1

Yale at Colgate
I can’t get a handle on Yale at all. Colgate has shown strength. Colgate 3-2

Brown at Cornell
The Big Red should take this on home ice, but it won’t be the blowout it has been in years past. Cornell 3-1

Dartmouth at St. Lawrence
I’m beginning to wonder when Dartmouth will win again. Possibly against the Saints, but I’ll go with the home team. St. Lawrence 2-1

Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 16-17

Maine at Northeastern
The Black Bears haven’t looked good since October. Northeastern 4-1, 5-1

Connecticut versus Providence
Let’s go with the home ice teams in this home-and-home. Providence 3-1, Connecticut 2-1

Boston University at Vermont
I don’t think the Catamounts are quite at the Terriers’ level, even if that level is down from recent seasons. Boston University 3-1, 3-2

Minnesota State at Minnesota
The Mavericks made one of the two games they played against the Gophers in the first half really close. That’s about all they can hope for. Minnesota 7-1, 3-1

Tuesday, Jan. 19

Boston College at Harvard
I’d imagine BC is itching to get revenge on the Crimson for its two losses to them last year, especially on Harvard’s home ice. Boston College 4-2

Brown at Merrimack
This might be a chance for the Warriors to pick up another win. Merrimack 2-1

Wednesday, Jan. 20

Boston University at Quinnipiac
This could be an upset game. Why not call it that way? Boston University 2-1

  • Dusty Bronco

    Lawson is at a sellout, standing room only, packed house in college hockey can make a difference. I’m not saying with a 100% confidence a win either night either as UMD is best in the country and the Broncs still need to fully prove themselves…however I think (hope) a split is in order.

    • dusty bronco

      Also future NCHC matchup, hopefully this displays what that conference will be capable of.

  • JoeZ

    Michigan team that looked as though its sub-par first half ”

    No, Paula, is your memory THAT short? The first half of the first half, AKA October, Michigan was virtually unbeatable and reached #2 in the polls. Then came Halloween and they won something like one game from then until the trip to Fairbanks. 

    • Paula Weston

      Given that the Wolverines finished the first half of the season under .500 in CCHA play, I’d say that’s a sub-par first half.  At the midway point of the season, how Michigan played in October no longer mattered.