Arlan has almost completed quite a comeback from trailing me by up to six games. Now I only have a one-game lead with a month left in the season. Hopefully I can hold him off. Last week, I went 18-7-2 while Arlan went 21-4-2. On the season, I am () while Arlan is ().

Friday, Jan. 30

Yale at Clarkson
Candace: Yale has never quite gotten untracked. Clarkson 3-1
Arlan: Yale kept the first game close, but it’s doubtful the Bulldogs will improve on that. Clarkson 3-1

Rensselaer at Colgate
Candace: I may end up trailing Arlan by the end of this weekend. Oh well, c’est la vie. Rensselaer 3-2
Arlan: Both have improved as the season has gone along, but because the Raiders rely more on rookies, I’ll look to them to have the higher ceiling this year. Colgate 2-1

Dartmouth at Princeton
Candace: This will be a close one, but I’m going with the Big Green. Dartmouth 3-1
Arlan: Dartmouth does better when I’m off its bandwagon. Princeton 3-2

Harvard at Quinnipiac
Candace: Harvard won the first one back in December, and I think they will again. Harvard 2-1
Arlan: The Bobcats are undefeated at home, outscoring opponents 32-5, so why don’t I trust them here? Harvard 2-1

Boston College at Providence
Candace: Will the Eagles finally start scoring like they did in the first half? Boston College 5-1
Arlan: Sunday, the Friars were back to their old downfall of losing despite a large shot advantage. That likely won’t be the case versus BC. Boston College 6-0

Northeastern at Vermont
Candace: Which Vermont team shows up: the one that beat Boston University, or the one that got crushed by Boston University? Northeastern 3-2
Arlan: One of those games where maybe even the teams don’t know what to expect. Northeastern 4-3

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 30-31

RIT at Lindenwood
Candace: The Tigers have shown a few signs of life of late, so I’ll go with them. RIT 2-1, 2-1
Arlan: Lindenwood has scored more than two tallies against a goalie only twice, and not since Nov. 8. The Tigers aren’t exactly prolific either. RIT 1-0, 2-1

Syracuse at Penn State
Candace: Me picking Penn State sweeps hasn’t gone well, but Syracuse let me down last week too, so who knows? Penn State 2-1, 3-1
Arlan: The Nittany Lions have done very well at home in CHA play. Penn State 3-2, 2-1

Mercyhurst at Robert Morris
Candace: Although Robert Morris finally got a sweep, and has beaten Mercyhurst more than any other CHA team, I have to go with the Lakers. Mercyhurst 2-1, 3-1
Arlan: Robert Morris has the better record in 2015, but I keep expecting the Lakers to rebound.  Mercyhurst 2-1, 4-2

North Dakota at Minesota-Duluth
Candace: If I had picked North Dakota to sweep in either of the last two weeks, Arlan wouldn’t be so close. Maybe I’ll get one game right if I do. Then again, Duluth is at home. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, North Dakota  2-1
Arlan: Look for a gritty series. Minnesota-Duluth 2-1, North Dakota 2-1

Ohio State at Minnesota
Candace: I don’t think I will bet against Minnesota in the rest of the season. Minnesota 4-1, 4-2
Arlan: The Buckeyes have stayed within two goals in each of the last three meetings. Minnesota 3-1, 4-2

Saturday Jan. 31

Harvard at Princeton
Candace: I don’t think this will be that close. Harvard 4-1
Arlan: The Crimson seem to have solved their Princeton problem the last couple of years. Harvard 3-2

Dartmouth at Quinnipiac
Candace: While Dartmouth has surprised a few teams, I don’t see the Bobcats losing four in a row. Quinnipiac 3-1
Arlan: The Bobcats can’t afford a hangover coming off of a big game versus Harvard. Quinnipiac 3-1

Yale at St. Lawrence
Candace: St. Lawrence may be the team most flying under the radar. St. Lawrence 4-1
Arlan: The Saints stay on a roll. St. Lawrence 4-2

Boston University at Connecticut
Candace: While the Terriers might be more worried about Harvard, I think losing to Vermont will still be in their minds and they’ll come out strong. Boston University 4-2
Arlan: The Terriers tune up for the Beanpot. Boston University 5-3

Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 31-Feb. 1

Maine at New Hampshire
Candace: Oh Maine, how you vex me. I was tempted to pick a Maine sweep, but New Hampshire has played well of late. New Hampshire 3-1, Maine 2-1
Arlan: Some of the Black Bears league numbers don’t make a lot of sense, like three more wins than losses despite being outscored, and better on the road than at home. New Hampshire 2-0, Maine 3-1

Sunday, Feb. 1

Providence at Vermont
Candace: If Providence hadn’t lost to Connecticut last week, I might pick the Friars. Vermont 3-2
Arlan: After the series at BU, how can anyone predict what the Catamounts might do? Vermont 4-2

Monday, Feb. 2

St. Cloud at Minnesota State
Candace: Minnesota State might finally get a win, but I’ll go with the visitors. St. Cloud 2-1
Arlan: I don’t like this pick, because the Mavericks have looked better when I’ve watched both teams play, but this is a vote for Julie Friend. St. Cloud State 2-1

Tuesday, Feb. 3

Clarkson at St. Lawrence
Candace: St. Lawrence is playing better, though Clarkson has had the better of this rivalry of late. Home ice wins. St. Lawrence 3-1
Arlan: The Saints have been considerably better at home than on the road. St. Lawrence 2-1

Boston University at Harvard
Candace: Which Boston University team shows up? Harvard 2-1
Arlan: Should see more offense than their previous 1-1 tie. Harvard 4-2

Boston College at Northeastern
Candace: BC has beat up on the Huskies pretty badly this year, but this might be closer. Boston College 5-2
Arlan: This is the closest to a negative BC stat I can find this season — the Eagles are winless in neutral-site games. Boston College 7-2

  • Matt Frattin

    Matt Frattin. That is the only name you need to know when talking about the 2011 Hobey Baker. Kid is a beast.

    • AL

      you got that right brother….straight up animal….dominating the wcha…gonna tear it up is the nhl as well..powerful stuff…should be able to snag hobey and a national championship on is well to the nhl..good luck..go sioux..

  • Bigredguy90

    It has to be Miele. He has dominated all year, and has put up ridiculous numbers for a quality team.

    • Mikegendreau

      Matt Frattin

  • Suture1

    Listen, really, if anyone follows college hockey AND is unbiased there is no doubt Matt Frattin is the best college hockey player. You can tell me about Meile, and he is a fine hockey player, but he is not in the same ballpark as Frattin. Just go to Utube and watch some of Frattin’s highlights, this kid has it all. Speed, moves, strength and a shot that will take you into next week. Oh, did I say this shot is a WRIST shot? North Dakota has a great team but they are where they are because of one person, Matt Frattin.

  • Anony

    lost all respect for frattin, a great player, when he maliciously left his feet with intent to injure a minny player a while back…give it to hagelin, kid does everything

  • MitchellFreedmon

    Frattin is ridiculous. The guy is going to be a beast in the NHL, could contend for a scoring title some day with his shot alone.