Last week, Arlan and I were even, both going 14-4-4 (.727). On the year, I am 126-39-22 (.732) while Arlan is 122-43-22 (.711). I’m holding on to a slim lead.

Friday, Nov. 28

Harvard at Boston College
Candace: It could be close, or not. Boston College 4-1
Arlan: My question regarding Harvard is not if it will start to play better, only when. Boston College 3-1

Ohio State at Robert Morris
Candace: Colonials games are torture to pick. Ohio State 3-2
Arlan: Likely a close game, but I think the Buckeyes avenge last year’s loss. Ohio State 2-1

Clarkson at Connecticut
Candace: The Golden Knights look to rebound. Clarkson 5-2
Arlan: The Nutmeg teams would get more trophies if they invited a softer fourth. Clarkson 3-0

Quinnipiac vs. Yale
Candace: I want to pick Yale, but can’t bring myself to. Quinnipiac 4-2
Arlan: Interesting measuring stick for the Bobcats, as Yale played BC three days before. Quinnipiac 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Nov. 28-29

Minnesota-Duluth at Bemidji State
Candace: I really don’t want to pick this one. Since I have no idea who will win on what night, I’ll call a sweep. Minnesota-Duluth 3-2, 4-2
Arlan: One of the most important series remaining in 2014. Bemidji State 1-0, Minnesota-Duluth 3-1

RIT at Rennselaer
Candace: I don’t think the Engineers have enough weapons to hurt the Tigers. RIT 3-1, 3-2
Arlan: I don’t remember a season where the availability of key players was in question so often. Will Ali Binnington play? RIT 2-1, 2-1

Wisconsin at New Hampshire
Candace: Will the Badgers go for a BC-like beatdown? Wisconsin 4-1, 5-0
Arlan: Since thumping Vermont, the Wildcats have been outscored 21-2 in three games versus Boston schools. Wisconsin 6-1, 4-0

Providence vs. Brown home-and-home
Candace: The Friars have shown signs of life, as have the Bears. I like home ice in each. Brown 3-2, Providence 2-1
Arlan: After a dreadful start, the Friars have rebounded with a 2-2-2 stretch. Brown 4-2, Providence 5-4

Saturday, Nov. 29

Boston University at Dartmouth
Candace: The Big Green seem to have come back to reality. Boston University 5-2
Arlan: Dartmouth scored 19 goals in its four wins, but only tallied once in dropping the last two. Boston University 4-2

Harvard at Northeastern
Candace: I don’t think Vermont is quite the caliber that the Crimson are. Harvard 4-2
Arlan: Would have expected these teams to be better than one game over .500 combined. Harvard 3-2

Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 29-30

Maine at Vermont
Candace: Vermont looked awful against Northeastern, but I still think the Catamounts have it. Vermont 3-2, 4-2
Arlan: Maine is a puzzle; in two-game series, it held Mercyhurst to three goals and Qunnipiac to six, but Brown scored 10. Vermont is suddenly a mess defensively, yielding 30 goals over its last six — while strangely holding BC to four. Vermont 3-2, 2-0

St. Cloud State at North Dakota
Candace: While the Huskies are getting better and UND is in a funk, home ice equals a sweep. North Dakota 3-1, 4-1
Arlan: The Huskies’ play is improving, but they’ve been blanked in four straight games. North Dakota 3-0, 2-1

Minnesota at Princeton
Candace: 12-1-2 has people wondering what’s wrong with the Gophers; shows you how amazing they’ve been. Minnesota 4-1, 4-0
Arlan: Switching venues should make the results closer than last year’s 15-1 combined result. Minnesota 4-1, 3-0

Monday, Dec. 1

Mercyhurst at Cornell
Candace: I would have picked up more games on Arlan if I had picked Mercyhurst earlier; why not now? Mercyhurst 3-2
Arlan: Though the record may not show it, I think this is the best team the Lakers have seen thus far. Cornell 2-1

Tuesday, Dec. 2

Dartmouth at Harvard
Candace: This should be close, but I think home ice prevails. Harvard 4-2
Arlan: Pivotal conference points for both clubs. Harvard 4-3

  • GodSquadForever

    What an absolute terrible conference….sorry for the hatred but the fact two of these teams are ahead of my squad is a travesty.

    • Fattymoto

      Hahahahaha, so true.

    • kdiff77

      Wah, wah, wah. Prove that you’re better in the NCAAs. Until then, shut it. 

    • Guest

      Blame your team, loser.  I assume you’re from the WCHA so also blame your schools for the weak scheduling.  The SoS of the WCHA is middle of the pack this year.

      • GeauxSioux

        Leading with schedule strength as an argument is not a great way to defend the ECAC. Also schedules are planned out far in advance. 

        • Guest

          I wasn’t defending the ECAC.  I was telling you why your team and league are trailing.  You WCHA guys are so dumb.  

        • Shortmemory

          Strength of schedule was your major argument last year.  

  • Union Fan

    sounds like bitter grapes – go U

  • Abf

    Beware of SLU

  • Elwood

    Clarkson is the team on the rise … Don’t underestimate what a hot goalie can do for you and how far he can take a team into the tournaments …

    • FD8

      Kepler’s second law of ECAC Hockey.

  • ColSkate

    Beware of Colgate & Austin Smith.

  • Guest 1

    SLU was playing good until the Official’s came to the before you all go and say well the refs weren’t at fault, well think again..The ECAC has the WORST officials in the Country….A goal reviewed at the protest of cornell, and its waved off…second one they got waved off this weekend…Almost the same play at the other end, the goalie pleads with the officials to review it…no chance in hell…A player pulled down on a breakaway to end the game and no call…I have seen games all over the league and it’s the same every year…They want the Ivy league schools there and if they have their way, they will…

    Austin Smith is a good player, but as evident on friday night he tried to do it all himself…But my hats off to him for having a great year…Regardless of the loss to Cornell, SLU is playing some hot hockey….Power Play was at 30% over the 5 game winning streak and the PK was at 87 percent…A very dangerous and streaking team right now…

    • Guest

      Why are SLU fans always whining about officiating?  Year after year.

  • Red CT

    Doesn’t Cornell  HOST Union this weekend? 2 trips to Messa would not be much fun for the Big Red.