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  • Kevin

    It’s remarkable what’s been happening at Merrimack. Such a small school, playing in that shoe box rink. Thom Lawler’s spirit lives there for sure, amazing.

  • JCR ’98

    The rink renovations at Merrimack have been amazing. It’s such a great atmosphere for hockey now, especially with the strong student support (two straight home sellouts) and the team’s phenomenal home record the last two years. I love seeing the Warriors playing with a little bit of swagger these days, too. The small school that could!

  • Anonymous

    Almost unthinkable that MC is competitive after at least a decade of near-relegation where the president, AD, team, students, and alumni couldn’t have given less of a crap, now all those parties are fully on board and something special is in the works!

  • Anonymous

    Listen, I’m as hopeful as any that Merrimack can become competitive on a consistent basis, but let’s hold off a bit on the accolades. Two straight home sellouts hardly constitutes “strong student support”. Let’s see a little more history.

    I know it’s tough for a small school like that to compete with the likes of BC, BU, Maine and UNH but look at what Maine did from 1983 – 1993. That’s the model they should be aspiring to.

  • Gordwiser

    Love the blog…puts Theresa’s to shame. Granted, she has improved, but your articles are the gold standard, imho.