The first result of the weekend is in — Princeton 2, BC 2. Recall Princeton opened its season last year with a tie against BC by the same score. Neither team scored after the first minute of the second period. Not a surprising result, since both teams do a good job taking care off their own end, and you would expect both teams to need more seasoning before their power play units in sync. Junior Mary Kate Oakley scores both goals for Princeton — she finished strong last year, and is picking up right where she left off.

  • I dont feel bad for my UMass Minutemen. They had an opportunity to win after taking a lead and didnt get the job done. Good coachable moment for the Minutemen to learn and grow. We might stink this year, but there are glimmers of hope that one day it will come together.

  • Guest

    I dunno man.

    It didn’t really come together for for the team they had in 2004. Then with the 2007 crew that got them their 1st birth, but it was anticlimatic. Last years group was another “promising” looking team, and they were gutted with minimal help to replace it.

    They’ve, at best, been swaying back and forth and now they’re poised for a major plunge and appear to be taking it. God bless you if you’re optimistic in Amherst right now…I mean that sincerely.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel bad for them either, and I’m a UMass grad student!
    (BU undergrad though)