First of all, 3/5 last weekend at the Final Five. Thursday games hurt, but Saturday ended out the way I predicted, so whatever. I’ll take it. *grins*

We’re officially done with picks (YAY), but I figured I’d toss out my regional predictions just for the heck of it.

1. I’m not offering insight behind my picks.
2. Picks are partly rational, partly emotional.
3. If what I pick actually happens, I’m buying Powerball for Wednesday.
4. It’s a bracket … I’m of the opinion that it’s best to have fun with these things. Thus why I haven’t entered an official pool (either a pay one with friends on Facebook or a non-pay one with my colleagues here at USCHO). But harmless picks here? Why not?
5. These will ONLY be regional picks. I’ll do later Frozen Four ones before that comes around. I’ve predicted the Frozen Four outcome correctly once on my own back in college, in 2004 … although that was more of a, “I hope THIS happens” type of thing.

East Regional:
Air Force over Yale
Union over UMD
Union over Air Force

Northeast Regional:
Merrimack over Notre Dame
Miami over New Hampshire
Merrimack over Miami

Midwest Regional:
North Dakota over Rensselaer
Western Michigan over Denver
North Dakota over Western Michigan

West Regional:
Michigan over Nebraska-Omaha
Colorado College over Boston College
Michigan over Colorado College

So my picked-out Frozen Four here is … Union, Merrimack, North Dakota and Michigan. Probably unlikely, but meh. I’m going with it.

Edited at 3:40 p.m. MDT: Obviously I know what I’m talking about as one of my proposed F4 teams has been knocked out. Since they’re out … Air Force all the way! Woo! (that’s purely an emotional pick.)

  • Tlc1569

    WMU beating Denver? are you serious?

    • Why not?


        Watch and learn fellas…. Every year chit goes crazzy in the NCAA and you know it! dont rip on the writter cause she picks randomly Do u win the Hockey pool every year? Doubt it. Lets all just cheer on the Sioux and go to St. Paul

        • Hockeyfan

          I hope the sioux get doubled up by RPI

          • Gemartin

            That will NOT happen.

    • Bronco12

      That’s what all the Michigan fans said.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Yep. I’ve probably seen Denver the most this year out of the three Colo. teams and think that yes, there is a good chance that the Pios will lose to the Broncos. Of course, there’s also probably equally as good of a chance they won’t. It’s the playoffs; as another commenter on this thread said, crazy stuff happens this time of year.

      And by the strict numbers, it’d be a 10 seed over a 7 seed. Not THAT big of an upset ..

      • GoalieFAN

        Glad to hear it! Anything can happen….. #8ARIZONA JUST BEAT #1 DUKE LAST NIGHT. Any1 who knows anything bout sports and playoffs can tell yoi to be optimistic about winning the championship you can go in #1 but fall to 16 if you dont have the mentality of a winner

      • Theresa Spisak

        And with the game being over, it almost happened. Denver has solidified their status as a come-from-behind team. I just can’t help but think it’s going to bite them in the butt at some point …

        In any case, WCHA fans … you get a rematch of the Final Five championship … this time with a trip to the Frozen Four on the line.

  • captainfrat

    CC over BC??? come onnnnnnnnn

    • Sgalinat

      CC very nearly upset NoDak in the final five, and if guentzel hadn’t taken a stupid penalty 30 seconds into the game and basically spotted the Sioux a goal from the start they probably would have won. CC’s power play is second to none (when Jaden Schwartz is in the lineup), and if Howe has a good game they can beat anyone, including the almighty reigning champs from frat-central Boston. Really hope the tigers stick it to ‘captainfrat’ and the rest of BC’s belligerent and ill-informed fans, but I have to be honest and say that I have little less confidence in my bracket after seeing theresa pick both of the #1 seed upsets I did.

      • Theresa Spisak

        Aw. Well my CC picks up through the Final Five had been spot on for a while – I kind of figured them out … until I had them lose to UAA and obviously they didn’t. So here’s hoping I get back on track with my Tiger accuracy …

      • Blinky The Wonder Chimp

        Fun fact: There are no frats at BC.

    • Amused

      CC over BC 7-2 at the second intermission?? come onnnnnnnnn

    • Rilieray

      crap happens

  • gopher21

    who knows anymore. never would have thought that the sioux would lose to yale last year, or denver losing to rpi. never thought my gophers could lose to holy cross a few years ago as tallented as they were. any team or goalie can steal 1 game for their team……

    • Denver Lost to RIT!!!

  • LGS!

    Ha, Theresa you sure went against the grain on these and can expect a whole lot of catcalls…but I hope your are right! Good luck

  • WCHA Fan

    western michigan is a very decent team

    • Western

      the wcha is an above average conference.

  • Bronco12

    Michigan in the frozen four? Sorry, I don’t see them as being consistent enough to beat UNO AND BC. It would be nice for the CCHA to get some respect, but I don’t see it happening.

    Miami, on the other hand, is the team that I think has the best chance of stopping UND.

    Denver-WMU is going to be a good, hard game.

    Whoever comes out of West and Midwest alive takes the championship for sure.

    • Theresa Spisak

      That regional was tough. Logically, we all know who’s probably coming out of there. However, this BU grad can hope differently, right? ;)

      In any case, I’ll explain my logic behind the West Regional. UMich/UNO was kind of a crapshoot. I will honestly say I guessed there. With CC/BC … if CC has anything left in the tank after their one hell of a game against UND last Friday, they’ve got a good chance at taking down BC. Problem is, if they do and they beat the Eagles, I don’t think they’ll have enough energy/stamina to win a second night in a row. Thus, my randomly picked winner of Mich/UNO ends up coming out of that regional.

  • Shram

    ha, we have exactly one out of eight first-round picks in common! (Miami). We’ll see…….!!!

  • Plante26

    If UMD plays team defense like they did vs. SCSU and Union today, you’re looking at a contender.

  • Blinky The Wonder Chimp

    Oh boy Theresa… Michigan getting hammered here after 1 period. They look like garbage. Not a good pick unless they figure out the next 40 minutes, which seems unlikely to me.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong … or the last. Probably not even today.

  • Bob C.

    Can’t wait til we find out you went 0 for 4 on your picks today.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Aw, why the hatred? As I said above, I decided to do the bracket picks essentially on a whim.

      • catsonskates

        2 for 4 – not bad for day 1!
        How did you know that BC would send their JV team (or that the refs would say, “It probably went in, plus we’re holding up game 2, so let’s just give it to Michigan”)?

    • J_ot

      actually she got michigan and she will be 50% once the sioux punch their ticket tomorrow.. Good work Theresa!!!

  • Ridingtimes

    Was that the same BC team that smack Denver in Denver twice this year??? Go Tigers…

  • Anonymous

    Theresa, why are you always hating on tUMD?

    • Theresa Spisak

      I don’t feel that I am. I just wonder, like many others, if they truly have the depth this year. Sometimes I think they do; other times, I don’t. Right now, I’m content to wait and see. We won’t have an all-WCHA Frozen Four this year (obviously, given the Northeast Regional), but you won’t see me complaining if the conference has three of four. :)

      And you probably won’t see the NCAA complaining either, since the FF *IS* smack dab in WCHA territory …

  • BU/DU alum


  • MoWanchuk

    Some bold calls here, nice. Air Force almost elevated you to clairvoyant status in the upset department.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Yeah, well, I wish they had. I’ve seen them enough times over the past six years to know what they can do. One of these years, I hope they actually do break through to the FF like RIT did last year.

  • Enron

    Well T – it looks like you got the West Regional almost spot on. 2-0 with Michigan over CC at this point. You still have a chance for .500 in the Midwest and the Northeast. As a UMD alumn – I’m thouroughly thrilled that you got the East all wrong. Loving UMD now. Not sure who to pull for in the Den/ND rematch. Both are rivalries for UMD, but I think I’m gonna pull for the Pios just so I can revel in all the UND whining that would en-sioux (get it?). Can’t wait to see who we draw in the UNH vs ? game. Go Bulldogs!

  • JIMMY56


    • collegehockeyfan

      then don’t read them

  • JimmyJohnsAddict

    Denver once AGAIN proving the doubters and haters wrong!!!

    • Enron

      Sorry man – Denver got owned. I would have liked to see a better match…