Last week Theresa: 8-3-1
Season Theresa: 137-77-25

Last week Tyler: 10-1-1
Season Tyler: 141-54-21

Two more weeks of picks to go. This week, we’re talking about playoffs. Well, I am. Tyler’s on a beach somewhere for Spring Break, so you only get my wonderfully fabulous insight (*coughcough*).

1 vs. 12: Michigan Tech (4-28-4, 2-24-2 WCHA) at No. 1 North Dakota (26-8-3, 21-6-1 WCHA)
Theresa: Tech rule: UND takes it … most likely in two.

As you may have read in the column, Jamie Russell thinks his team may have given the Sioux too much respect. That may be true, but the Sioux are playing like a team that deserves that respect right now. For the Huskies’ sake, I hope they can stretch it to three, but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. In any case, I don’t foresee an upset here.

2 vs. 11: Minnesota State (14-16-6, 8-16-4 WCHA) at No. 6 Denver (21-10-5, 17-8-3 WCHA)
Theresa: The Mavericks are a good 11th place team, make no mistake about it. They may not have run into the puck luck needed that much this season, but Troy Jutting’s squad is one that fights and fights hard. It’ll be interesting to see how they rebound this weekend coming off being swept by UAA. That being said, since this is a best-of-three series, I think it probably has to favor the Pioneers. DU takes it (probably in three).

3 vs. 10: Bemidji State (12-17-5, 8-15-5 WCHA) at No. 12 Nebraska-Omaha (21-13-2, 17-9-2 WCHA)
Theresa: The series of the newbies. No matter what, we’ll see one of the league’s new teams at the X next weekend. But, of course, the question is, who will it be? Will it be the Beavers, who went 3-0-1 against the Mavs during the regular season? Or will, as BSU coach Tom Serratore said, the law of averages catch up and UNO finally takes it? It could be the former, but the Mavericks are extremely good on home ice. I think we’ll see the return of Dean Blais this year. UNO takes it (probably in three).

4 vs. 9: St. Cloud State (15-16-5, 11-13-4 WCHA) at No. 11 Minnesota-Duluth (20-9-6, 15-8-5 WCHA)
Theresa: This is a tricky, tricky series in my mind. Earlier in the year, the pick would be a no brainer. Now, however? The Bulldogs have been stumbling a bit down the stretch while the Huskies are one of the hottest teams in college hockey. That being said, UMD gets the edge for overall consistency while SCSU has been, as I said earlier this season, consistently inconsistent. Who do I go for? Short playoff formats favor the streaky: I’m going with SCSU (probably in three).

5 vs. 8: Alaska-Anchorage (14-17-3, 12-14-2 WCHA) at No. 17 Minnesota (16-12-6, 13-10-5 WCHA)
Theresa: If you’ve followed my picks all season, you know that I often give the Seawolves the benefit of the doubt. This season, it’s been because they’ve deserved it. They’ve put together one of their best seasons ever in the WCHA and are looking to cap it off with their second trip to the Final Five (and first in seven years). However, they have to face Minnesota, who is ridiculously good at Mariucci in the playoffs. The Gophers have one playoff loss … EVER … in the building, ironically to these same Seawolves. Logic dictates calling the Gophers in this series … which I think I have to do. We know UAA can shut them down, but I’m not sure if they can in a best of three. Prove me wrong, Seawolves; I’m picking UM (in three, most likely).

6 vs. 7: No. 19 Wisconsin (20-14-4, 12-13-3 WCHA) at No. 16 Colorado College (19-16-3, 13-13-2 WCHA)
Theresa: As we all know, this is really just a continuation of last week. In fact, both coaches said that this is essentially now a best-of-five, with it tied 1-1. I think we all know that this is going to be a close series that will most likely go three games. These teams are very similar and it is a toss-up as to who will move on to the X next week. But, alas, I have to pick someone and I think that in this case, home ice is the favorable turning point. CC takes it (in three).

  • mavs_iceman!!!!

    WHO CARES!!!! Mavericks win! Bottom line. Who cares about the second place shoot-out!

    • Gregg

      Sioux took two from the Mavericks in the Mav’s own building. Mavs going nowhere fast

  • Streaker

    FTR, Paula- Michigan won their 14th GLI championship and improved to 50-31-1 all time in the GLI according to Matt Trevor at Michigan.

  • FleasOf1000Camels

    Streaker…you are correct 14 titles. I know it’s shocking to learn that PW can’t be bothered to get facts straight…kind of like the seven-year-old who has just figured out where his Christmas presents really come from.

    FTR: 1966,75,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,2007,08,10.

  • MackAttack

    Merrimack has hosted an HEA playoff series before, when Maine was declared ineligible…

  • Dmjossel

    Actually Merrimack has hosted one playoff series, against BC, the year that Maine was precluded from post-season play by the NCAA for using an ineligible player.

    Merrimack lost that series.

  • SiouxAlumDenver

    So I take it Theresa has changed her mind about Tech winning a playoff game against the Sioux. Last week in your predictions before the games you predicted sweep then said “Wait until next week when the series will most likely go three.” After the absolute dismantling of Tech last weekend, it appears your eyes have been opened as to just how bad Tech is. Still would have been nice for you to stick to your original prediction and explain why you thought it or why you changed your mind.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Well, it still might happen, as MTU is capable of winning games. Yes, last weekend did help me change my mind. Teams don’t typically get blown out 11-2 on senior night (as Tech did). I think it’s not necessarily a case of finally seeing how bad Tech is, but more of a case of finally admitting that yes, Virginia, North Dakota is dominating right now. I think at times this season I’ve probably been a bit harder on UND than I should be (I may explain why next week …) and wasn’t expecting them to lay quite the smackdown as they did.

      Do I think MTU still has a chance to steal a game? Yes. Will they? Probably not. Thus why I worded my pick the way I did, saying UND will win in most likely two.

      • SiouxAlumDenver

        No worries, everyone has the right to change their mind. I was just giving you a little guff for saying last week that this series will go 3. But who is Virginia??

        • Hockey God

          Virgina was asking about Santa Claus, you may be too young.

          • Theresa Spisak

            Thank you for getting my reference … which is actually a whole lot older than I am.

      • B.D.

        Good analysis.
        Enjoyed it.

  • Hog Pilot

    Teresa: I am a SCSU fan and I really wished you had picked UMD. This season any time you came down in favor of the Huskies they ended up looking like doggie doo. Either way I have enjoyed your colunm this year.

  • bulldog4life

    Theresa- Don’t lose sleep over your Sue pick. People change there minds daily. This Sue fan is like the rest of them and just want to pick people apart to be cool or funny. They get there kicks out of doing that.

    • SiouxAlumDenver

      Actually I wasn’t picking her apart at all. And wasn’t trying to be cool or funny. I asked a question as to why she changed her mind. Get over yourself and your hatred for the best team in country that destroyed your team this year.