Last week Theresa: 3-7-2
Season Theresa: 113-70-20

Last week Tyler: 5-5-2
Season Tyler: 118-48-16

Some weeks go well. Some weeks … don’t. Obviously last week was fairly unpredictable.

This weekend, once again, we’ve got all 12 teams playing each other. I also get the feeling that things might start staying unpredictable as the race toward the playoffs gets even hotter.

No. 18 Colorado College (17-14-1, 11-11-0 WCHA) at Bemidji State (11-14-3, 7-12-3 WCHA)
Theresa: CC comes into this series deeply mired in the fight for home ice and is aided with the return of Jaden Schwartz on Friday. His brother, Rylan, is sitting out on Friday, but he will play on Saturday which could make the Tigers explosive. The Beavers are out of the home ice race, but could still make some noise to give themselves a more favorable playoff opponent. Given BSU’s firepower up front and the fact that they’re at home, I could see them taking a game here, but with the return of Jaden and the reunion of the Schwartzes on Saturday, I have to give the nod to the Tigers. CC sweep.

Tyler: Jaden Schwartz is back which will give CC the spark it needs as the Tigers try to gain position for home ice. CC averaged nearly four goals per game before Schwartz left for World Juniors where he fractured his ankle. CC sweep.

Michigan Tech (3-23-4, 1-19-2 WCHA) at No. 4 Denver (18-7-5, 14-5-3 WCHA)
Theresa: Tech rule. DU sweep.

Really not much more to say here except that if the Pioneers get just one point in their next six games, they clinch home ice. They’ll easily end up doing that this weekend. The Huskies have clinched last by a long shot and at this point, are only hoping to finally win another game. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen this weekend.

Tyler: There shouldn’t be much of an argument here. DU sweep.

No. 5 Minnesota-Duluth (18-6-5, 13-5-4 WCHA) at Minnesota State (13-13-6, 7-13-4 WCHA)
Theresa: If the playoffs were to begin this weekend, this would be your first round match-up. Depending on how things shake out the rest of the season, these two teams might very well be facing each other once again. The Mavericks have proved themselves to be a team that no one will want to face in the playoffs, which makes them dangerous. The Bulldogs, on the other hand, are still in the race for the MacNaughton and also probably want to rebound after being spanked by SCSU last Friday. Odds are, we’ll see a split here this weekend – MSU Friday, UMD Saturday.

Tyler: MSU is going to be one of those teams the top seeds won’t want to play in the WCHA first round and UMD will find out why this weekend. The Mavericks played North Dakota and Denver tough in Mankato in the last two months but the Mavericks will finally beat a top-three team this weekend. Split.

No. 2 North Dakota (21-8-2, 16-6-0 WCHA) at St. Cloud State (12-14-4, 8-11-3 WCHA)
Theresa: This has developed into a nice little rivalry over the past two years and should prove to be an interesting weekend. Despite injuries, the Sioux have been rolling along just fine (as coach Dave Hakstol has said, they’re not technically short-handed). The Huskies, meanwhile, may have found their stride at the perfect time in the season. I believe home ice is a stretch for them (don’t quote me on that), but, like BSU above, they can make their league positioning a lot more favorable. As a result, I believe we’ll see a split – SCSU Friday, UND Saturday.

Tyler: UND’s key injuries (Genoway and Kristo) make it a little more of an even playing field with the series played in St. Cloud. This is probably the last bump in the road for the Sioux before they end the season with Bemidji State and Michigan Tech. Meanwhile, centers Garrett Roe and Drew LeBlanc are finally making strides for SCSU. Split.

No. 13 Nebraska-Omaha (18-10-2, 14-6-2 WCHA) at Alaska-Anchorage (10-15-3, 9-13-2 WCHA)
Theresa: This is kind of an interesting series as there’s no history to draw from to predict how it might go. These two teams have played once prior almost five years ago and they tied. That being said, we know how both play this year and can formulate more of an idea. On paper, this series should be easy - Mavs sweep … especially given that they’re coming off sweeps of both SCSU and UW. The Seawolves, meanwhile, are coming off a tough road sweep at the hands of UND. That being said, like MSU above, UAA is proving to be a team that no one wants to meet in the playoffs. The Seawolves also have the advantage of playing this one on home ice, where they haven’t lost in four games. So, and I know I’ve been doing this a lot this year, I’m going to give the home team the benefit of the doubt and call a split – UAA Friday, UNO Saturday.

Tyler: That loss to Alabama-Huntsville might have brought the Mavericks together because they’ve won four straight games since. Seems like they’ve found the consistency they had through the fall. But the Seawolves have been a team that can take down any team, especially in Anchorage. Split.

Minnesota (12-12-4, 9-10-3 WCHA) at No. 12 Wisconsin (19-10-3, 11-9-2 WCHA)
Theresa: As discussed earlier this week, this series is chock-full of playoff implication fun for both squads. As also mentioned in the notes of that series, two interesting things come into play – UW’s current unbeaten streak at home and the fact that the Badgers have never swept UM at home under coach Mike Eaves. Unless UW once again takes three points from the Gophers this season, one of those is going to change. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens … to see whether the Badgers and goalie Scott Gudmandson can rebound from last weekend’s sweep by UNO or whether the Gophers can keep the offense going like they did Saturday against Denver. It’s a hard call, but I think I’m going to go with a split – UM Friday, UW Saturday.

Tyler: Huge game for both teams trying to gain ground on home ice for the playoffs. The Gophers had a great game offensively last Saturday but Scott Gudmandson is one of the best goalies in the country and I see him bouncing back after a rough weekend in Omaha. The guy is unbeatable at the Kohl Center. UW sweep.

  • this is shaping up to be a great close to the season. 4 teams all within striking distance of the MacNaughton. Go Sioux!

    • Jason

      It is North Dakota’s to lose at this point. Given the top four team’s remaining schedules that is. But the great thing about the WCHA is that any team can win on any given weekend.

      • Theresa Spisak

        Pretty much. If the top four teams all won out (not possible, as both DU and UMD play UNO), the points would go like so:

        UND 44
        DU 43
        UMD 42
        UNO 42

        Given the fact that the bottom three get to beat up on each other, it is UND’s to lose. I would think that the Mavs arguably have the most to gain in points given that they play two of the teams above them.

  • Duluth06ChE

    “Scott Gudmandson is one of the best goalies in the country and I see him bouncing back after a rough weekend in Omaha. The guy is unbeatable at the Kohl Center”.

    I suppose that is technically true since he got a No Decision November 19 when he was pulled after giving up 3 goals on 13 shots against UMD. I have to side with T on this one. Splitskies.

    • Jason

      I like the split here as well, only because it’s in Wisconsin. The gophers taking 3 or 4 points would not surprise me at all. Wisconsin has continuously shown their inability to beat good teams. However, it is kind of a stretch to call the gophers a good team at times.

      • Lakes_19

        Yeah the Wisconsin goalie sure was good. The case all season against Minnesota is…..Which team will show up, the one that won at N.D. on a friday night and destroyed Denver last Saturday…… Or the one who gets swept at Mankato and shut out at home ab AA? Watch out for Minnesota.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Tech finally getting a win

    • Grayson

      Yes no doubt! Against No. 4 Denver no less.

    • Jason

      Absolutely. Thanks for helping out the sioux!

  • Jason

    What a crazy night of hockey! When I said any team can win on any given weekend, I didn’t think it would all happen on one night. Would have liked to been a fly on the wall in Denvers locker room after that game.

  • collegehockeyfan

    man what a shake-up in the WCHA, time for a prediction!
    1. UND (by far easiest schedule left)
    2. UNO – unexpected! but i think they will at least split with DU and spank a struggling UMD team.
    3. DU – well, they will do better than UMD vs. UNO and beat a horrible on the road SCSU.
    4. UMD – blue flamed, look for them to get knocked out the Final Five by CC/MSU-M/or UA-A
    5. UM – also easy schedule (bemidji- Tech)
    6. CC- upset here, I see them going to Wisconsin for the last series of the year and take home ice from the Kohl Center.
    7. UW- as above, they will lose @ SCSU (might snag one point or two, but wont be enough when they get swept at home against CC)
    8. SCSU, well not much to say about this underachieved team, they take 4 points against wisconson, but not enough to salvage the season
    9. MSU-M – sorry UAA, but the mavs play well at home, and quite frankly UAA is not the brightest crayon in the box on the road.
    10. UAA, after a better than normal season, if they do get DU(which is a toss up between the 2-4 teams) they will lose in 2 in the first round. If they get UMD, I could potentially see an upset going in to the final five.
    11. BSU, didn’t do as well as their UNO partner, but could potentially take one of 3 games in the first round.
    12. Tech, nuff said

  • Let’s be real, you guys are terrible at predicting. Theresa, you need a new profession. Hockey is tough to predict, and college hockey is the toughest nonetheless. I wish there was a website to wager on college games

    • Jason

      Gopher fan?