USCHO_FinalFile.fwOur guests on the Feb. 23 edition of USCHO Live! are Yale coach Keith Allain, whose No. 7 Bulldogs have won seven games in a row and stand just four points out of first in ECAC Hockey, and Matt Wellens, the college hockey beat reporter for the Duluth News Tribune covering the men’s and women’s programs at Minnesota Duluth, St. Scholastica and Wisconsin-Superior.

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  • Anon

    The officials required a security escort out of Houston Field House after the Cornell RPI game? that is a tantalizing comment, can you expand?

    • FD8

      It has been expanded well enough on the RPI season thread within the forums. In short: Don’t make a hostile crowd feel like they were hosed, especially when the event involves small throwable giveaways.

      • Guest

        the Without a Peer blog has more information.

        • Anon

          Wow, that ECAC guy sounds like he is feeling a bit defensive if you believe the eyewitness accounts!

          I wonder how much of this stems back to the Union game in November, when Appert played video at the press conference….

          and he does have a good point about the call on Foss…how do you commit interference if you check the guy with the puck?

  • Skennys2145

    I just checked the box score for the game- Cornell had 35 penalty minutes compared to RPI’s 24.
    RPI had a 2 man advantage in the second period and a 5 minute major advantage in the third/ OT.
    Sounds like Cornell fans should have been the angry ones!

    • Guest

      It’s not just the total penalty minutes, you’d have to have seen some of it….three of the calls were totally bizarre, I have the game on tape from NHL network broadcast and on one play the Cornell player dragged the RPI player down at center ice while the ref from behind the goal called the RPI player for interference….because of that ref’s vantage point, he could not see the Cornell player grabbing Brutlag’s jersey….and then to call interference on someone when he checks the player with the puck?

      RPI did blow it on the 5 on 3, no doubt.

      • correction

        Correction: I mis-typed above: it was a classic soccer play, the other player is going past you, so you grab that player’s jersey and pull him into you and then you fall down and the other player gets called for a foul. You see it all the time in soccer; it was the first time i’ve ever seen it in college hockey though. Nice play by the Cornell player, it worked and it turned the game around for them.

  • Guest

    Harvard, who is terrible, knocks off perennial ranked power BU in the Beanpot? EZAC no more. I think any ECAC team should be respected out of conference at this point.

  • Support the Stripes

    Is it me or does Seth Appert seem to cry foul on the officials everytime RPI loses a game? It must a big a giant red conspiracy against RPI. The guy needs to get a hold of himself. And for every game he seems to have a compliant on, he gets a make up call. The Union/RPI game at RPI was a joke. A major penalty called with 2 minutes left against Union and then another minor penalty called in OT against Union. Didn’t hear Nate Leaman say a word. Appert needs to zip it. Officials make mistakes and they make good calls too. He should blame his players when he loses.

    • Bystander

      The Phil Jackson school of mind games?

      actually it is not “every” time it is only when the call is egregiously bad and backed up by videotape evidence.

      If the league could use these as training sessions to help the refs improve it would create a different attitude all around, instead the league is ‘never criticize the officials ever no matter what.’

    • burgie12

      Leaman did complain, noting the extreme difference in the number of powerplays that Union and Rensselaer received (You should check out the first part of this video by Schott: And, you’ll note that there are many games that RPI loses / ties / throws away where he complements the opposing team or states that his team did not play well. For example, Appert had no negative comments about the officials after the loss to Colgate or the loss to Cornell in Ithaca, the Engineers’ two most recent losses. (I could probably go further, but since you’re cherry-picking data, I will, too.)

      So, your sweeping generalizations are absolutely wrong and very unfounded.

  • Viking

    SLU is always tough.
    Good goal tending!