Our guest on the March 19 edition of USCHO Live! was Boston College senior forward and 2013 Walter Brown Award winner Steven Whitney. (Technical issues prevented us from having our second guest.)
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  • SiouxAlumDenver

    I don’t agree that CC played its best game of the year on Friday. CC did not look sharp at all, but capitalized on huge breakdowns in the Sioux defense and the shoddy play of Aaron Dell. Joe Howe was the only reason CC won that game. He made some saves that night that pro goalies wouldn’t have made. UND was pummeling him with shots, and CC wasn’t generating any sustained pressure all night. Even the CC fans sitting around us were shocked at the scored based on their teams play. Credit Joe Howe, proving that a strong goalie can carry a team when it needs it. He played his best game of the year on Friday, not the CC team. Saturday, he played his worst game, coupled with a Sioux team focused on winning and correcting the mistakes from the night before.

    • Theresa Spisak

      Hey, I agree with you; I’m going off what was said in post-game remarks, even though I didn’t link quotes this time. But, when a player can stand out that much, it can make the team look better too. I wouldn’t place any of the blame for what happened to the Sioux on Friday on Dell, for example – I blame his defense. Dell and Gregoire kept UND in that game.

      • cberkas

        Theresa, why haven’t you mentioned he article by Brad Elliott Schlossman on January 21(College Hockey Inc.’s website). About the possibility of a UND-UNO game in Winnipeg next year?

      • SiouxAlumDenver

        While I think the bulk of the blame falls on the defense, it is hard not to fault Dell on some level. That second goal that came from the top of the circle, was a shot that needed to be saved. He wasn’t fully screened. Dell was simply out of position. That and how can we not fault Dell, when at the other end of the ice, the CC defense wasn’t stopping anyone, but Howe was standing on his head saving his D?? Sometimes you need your goalie to step up and bail out the team. Howe did it Friday, Dell wasn’t up to the task, but again, the whole team was flat. I do agree that as the game went along, Dell got stronger and kept us in it. But the first half of the game he looked out of sorts, along with the D. Saturday the Sioux, including Dell, rebounded nicely and showed what a top 5 team can play like when fully focused.