The Tuesday, Dec. 13, episode of USCHO Live! features Rochester Institute of Technology coach Wayne Wilson and sports editor for The Huntsville Times, John Turner.

Wilson is in his 13th season behind the RIT bench, having led the Tigers to the 2010 Frozen Four in just their fourth full season at D-I. He is the only coach to have won both the AHCA Spencer Penrose (Division I coach of the year) and Edward Jeremiah (Division III coach of the year) awards. Wilson captained Bowling Green’s 1984 national championship team.

Turner is sports editor for The Huntsville Times in Huntsville, Ala., and has been covering Alabama-Huntsville hockey, including its October demise and its December resurrection.

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Each episode of USCHO Live! features a look at news around NCAA hockey, a look ahead at upcoming games and events, and conversation with people who coach and play college hockey and journalists who cover the sport.

About the hosts

Jim Connelly is a senior writer at and has been with the site since 1999. He is based in Boston and regularly covers Hockey East. He began with as the correspondent covering the MAAC, which nowadays is known as Atlantic Hockey. Each week during the season, he co-writes “Tuesday Morning Quarterback.”

Ed Trefzger has been part of USCHO since 1999 and now serves as a senior writer and director of technology. He has been a part of the radio broadcasts of Rochester Institute of Technology hockey since their inception — serving as a producer, studio host, color commentator and now as RIT’s play-by-play voice for the last several seasons. Ed is based in Rochester, N.Y.

  • Hog Pilot

    Teresa and Tyler: I am a hugh SCSU fan now living in Oregon. I think in calling for a split with UNO you are giving the Huskies too much credit. I am not sure if SCSU is reverting to a pattern they have had in the past of: Friday night wins and Saturday nite meltdowns or if was suggested in a previous column that maybe the Huskies were overrated.

    • Skeeterman

      Huskies must be overrated. No consistency yet. When they play like they can, they can beat anyone. So far, goaltending has been suspect, offense lacking, defensive breakdowns, very weak power play-they like to play passing games instead of shooting. They need to sweep to prove they are a top WCHA team.

      • unomavfan

        I saw SCSU play at the Maverick Stampede in Omaha and they looked horrible losing to Clarkson 6-2 a team UNO beat 8-0 the night before. UNO gets the sweep setting up for an epic matchup in Omaha.

    • Tattoo13

      I agree man, I live in Seattle and watch SCSU online as much as I can but they just have not yet shown the chemistry needed to be a contender. I traveled back last week to watch SCSU take on BSU on Saturday night. So many missed opportunities, they could have easily won that game 5-2 but lost 3-2 in OT. Big changes are needed to right the ship.

  • Guest

    With the way the Huskies have melted down at times this season and the way the Mavs have performed, how could anyone not pick UNO to sweep this weekend? UNO goes to 6-0 in league play setting up a potentially epic showdown with UND next week at the Qwest.

  • Ryan

    And MAN I can’t wait for that epic showdown!

  • J

    you two are probably the worst at calling games OMG this gets worse every year…….i like how you pick favorites only because of records and hype. how about actually giving us reasons??? why this team will win or why they have the upper hand. best league with the worst columnists, and its quite embarrasing to say the least. of course some ppl will disagree with me but i could care less. oh and how about them sweeps? yeah not happening again this week

    • Ryan

      I won’t disagree.

  • Toxlong81

    Looks like you ‘win’ this week, Buckentine. Nevermind that the Huskies played the #2 team in the country to within two goals in both games. Will Tech be “in a tailspin” next week? Will the Almighty Gophers hang a dozen on us in our own barn? Will your predictions and analysis be longer than a glance at each team’s overall record and one or two terse sentences (doubtful)?

  • Jn

    Tyler good pick, the Sioux to get swept. They always play well in the land of cheese.

  • Tyler please pick the Sioux to be swept again next weekend.

  • dogsfan

    UMD did sweep and they did score exactly nine goals this weekend….
    Not a bad prediction.

  • Fiatch

    Who are the refs from. LOok like something from the east east coast.

  • a frustrated Michigan fan

    Could the announcers on ESPN2 be more biased for North Dakota?? Perhaps they work for NDBC? Michigan has a great team and has had a great season against tough teams, a little credit? Maybe the result will be their credit?

  • Be50ar

    Michigan always has good teams