Boston College coach Jerry York, forward Paul Carey, defenseman Tommy Cross and goaltender Parker Milner take questions from the media after a 6-1 win over Minnesota in the NCAA National Semifinal on Thursday, April 5, 2012.

  • Maineroadstar

    so glad you forecast moving Maine back to the East.  As a Black Bear fan, I know all too well that nothing good ever comes when playing the Gophers at Xcel.

    • Fan Man

       What would you be scared of playing the Goofers on the road?  The Xcel as we all know is the SIoux’s home ice during playoffs!

      • Guest

        Always interesting to see that many people with their hands around their necks!

        • Fan Man

           Huh?  Please elaborate…

        • GodsSquadForever

          Haha….yes but I think this is our year. If we can get a little lady luck.

      • Sure wasn’t at last year’s Frozen Four

      • Taylor Birkelo

        Yeah, you Sioux fans need to learn your place, the Xcel Belongs to the Minnesotans and North Dakotans can stay where they came from!!! I didn’t see a UND sign on the ice on there and funny because the two times the frozen four has been at the Xcel it was a Minnesota team who won. 2002- Minnesota, 2011- Minnesota- Duluth

        • UNDNorthStars

          Also didnt see very many Minnesota fans the past few years there either… both Frozen Four and Final Five…. and Sioux were by far the “Home Crowd” including cheering on UMD to win it last year.  hope the Golden Chokers can actually make it into the post season this year :-x

          • Taylor Birkelo

            Your avoiding the point of this conversation, you all do this. Just because theres a few Sioux fans at the National Championship game doesn’t make them the home team or anything to do with who won. Also glad to hear you guys cheered for the Dogs cause I was hopeing the Sioux would take down Michigan. 

        • GodsSquadForever

          To the management: Is this offensive?

        • nogofer

          Hello Pot?  This is Kettle…

  • GodsSquadForever

    Nope, I think you hit in on the head.  I like this weeks bracketololgy and I like the layout of the West bracket. That one would be fun to watch! I really don’t think you would have to worry about the West’s attendence at all with UofUM and UND in there.

  • Greenbayguy

    My only question is why we couldn’t send Michigan to St. Paul, for a 2/8 matchup with Minnesota, and then Ferris State to Green Bay, with UMD, Miami and North Dakota.  Quite a draw there.  Seems the 4/8 Ferris State, Minnesota matchup is really unfair to Michigan.

    • sparta

      i agree, why shouldn’t you shoot for a 2-8 and a 4-5 matchup??

    • I Bleed Maroon And Gold

      My reasoning would be that Michigan is closer to Green Bay and is a higher overall seed than Ferris St, so they get placed first and get placed closer to home.  Based on seedings it would seem unfair to Michigan, but you could also argue that getting sent further away from home and being in the same bracket as a host institution is just as unfair.  My guess would be that most Wolverine fans would want to be closer to Ann Arbor and not have a match up against UND in the first round?

      On a separate note, it would have been interesting to have Minnesota, Maine, and Michigan there because ten years ago they were 3 of the 4 Frozen Four teams that played at the X.  Only New Hampshire would be missing.


    I too like this week’s brackets.  It’d be fun to watch a Minnesota vs North Dakota championship to see who gets the Frozen Four entry.

    • I Bleed Maroon And Gold

      Interesting that you assume both teams would get past the first round.  After all, Michigan St has already beat and tied Minnesota this year and Ferris St is the current number 1 in the polls.  As a gopher fan, I’d obviously like to see my team in the regional final. I don’t care who the other team is, but it would be an amazing atmosphere to have the two rivals play for a spot in Tampa.  

  • Unlikely attendance issue

    Adding Mich St to St Paul will help attendance?  That was a joke right?  You have UND and the MN there.  Mich St won’t even be able to get tickets

    • Stealthgecko

      He has apparently never seen the “Sea of Green” that appears anywhere that UND plays. Add in Minnesota and there will be tickets being sold at 400 dollars a game if you dont get them early.

    • collegehockeyrocks

      They’re hoping to get one team from the East to the frozen four. Go Air Force.

    • Decatur Spartan.

       Totally agree. It has to be a joke. Neither Michigan State or the number one seed Ferris State will be able to get tickets.

  • BBear94

    Wow the best an AHA team can do is 28th pairwise and they still get an autobid.  Last time it was also AF and I believe they were 31st PWR.  This conference is not on par with the others because they don’t offer the scholarships.  Until they do they should lose their autobid because for this year, there are 12 more deserving teams.

    • The Ivies dont give schoarships and they usually aquit themselves pretty well. Harvard, Cornell have a couple banners if I remember right. Best hockey game I ever saw was in Green Bay – Wisconsin v Cornell 3OT – so schoalrships not neccesarily that key.

      • collegehockeyrocks

        Another was at the old civic center in St. Paul. Harvard 4 Minnesota 3 in OT. SUCKED, but a great game.

        • FightingSioux4ever

          ’88 championship.  That was a great game.  I was 9!

          • collegehockeyrocks

            ’84 as well. tho heartbreaking. Bowling Green beat UMD in 4 or 5 overtimes. Thought it would never end.

    • BeerMoney

      there are 12 more deserving teams

      Those teams had their chance to play themselves into the tournament.  Even if it only happens once every five years or so I would rather see Holy Cross take out Minnesota or RIT knock off Denver than see another midpack team from the WCHA or HE. 

      • beefheart

        Hey BM (can I call you that ? ) , as much as it broke my heart to see that Holy Cross upset of the Gophers, I completely agree with you. It is refreshing, and I will infer from your moniker that you enjoy refreshments…….

    • GodsSquadForever

      This is very true….however it makes things interesting when they do win (AF over UofM, Holy Cross over UofM).  Anything can happen in hockey….the best team dosen’t always win.

      • nogofer

        The best team doesn’t always win, so true.  Just witness last year’s ff!

  • UnionFan

    Can you explain the role of the “host institution” in your next column please?  It seems funny that there seems to be only one or two “hosts” each year that make the tournament.  Instead of a specific team why not have a “league” be the host.    Pick the team with the highest seed in a league when there are several.  I know there are 5 leagues so with a rotation each one is dropped out once every 5 years.

  • Avaak

    I don’t get why UND was 13th in PWR last week and were out and this week are 14th and in. What am I missing?

  • Millec19

    I don’t understand why you deem it necessary to screw the #1 team in the nation?

    • Sioux4ever

      If you are truly the #1 team in the nation, it shouldn’t matter who you play.

    • Taylor Birkelo

      Ferris State will not win the tourny this year, it’s just not going to happen.

  • Anti-NCAA

    Three east teams and one AHA team in the regional??  Seems like you want BC to only play another east team…..  You were afraid to pair them up to a Mich., Denver, UND, UM-Duluth???   Why not just hand them a golden chocolate bar?

    • Lake19

      Because the year 2005 when it was 4 WCHA teams in the frozen four, the NCAA does not want that to happen again.  Each year a WCHA team is usually screwed to appease the east teams.

      • TwoCents

        First, this is a bracketology column by Jayson Moy, not the final bracket from the NCAA.  Chill out. 

        More importantly, the entire conspiracy thing has got to stop.  2005 was a long time ago.  And it seems you guys find a unfairness in everything.  In 2008 they put three WCHA teams in one bracket with Princeton as a 4 seed thereby pretty much ensuring at least one team would get through.  Even though that sounds suspiciously like what you saying here I bet someone thought they were trying to limit the number of WCHA in the 2008 Frozen Four by overloading one regional – even though each of the other three regionals had one WCHA team each.

        In the end, most of these moves are for attendance.    

        • Lakes19

          The NCAA tournament is and should not be about attendance, its about selecting the best teams in the nation to play in the tournament.

          Yes we all know how great March Madness is in basketball, but it truly is not the best 68 teams in the nation playing for the championship. 

          The underdog story is a great story and refreshing, but if your talking about attandance as an issue for College Hockey, then there should be no automatic bids and the top 16 teams should compete for the Championship. 

          Lets be honest, a team like RIT, Dartmouth, Clarkson, Air Force, may have great dedicated fans, but do not attract the number of fans  ( attandance ) that the NCAA is using as an excuse. 

          Sorry reality is teams like Maine, BC, BU, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, New Hampshire, bring fans ( attendance ) then the others.

          Just a thought

          • TwoCents

            The moves for attendance are made AFTER the field is selected.  The top teams as determined by Pairwise are the ones in the field plus the AHA autobid.  You seem to think the teams in the tournament are chosen for the size of their traveling fanbase which simply isn’t the case.

          • Lakes19

            Wrong…  You were missing the point.  I know the selection is based on Pairwise rankings. 

            If you want the argument based on attendance, then there should be NO Pairwise Rankings that the NCAA uses, and just take the top 16 attendance teams and rank them 1-16 from there.

            If your going to truly play a championship tournament then keep the integrity of the 1-16 pairwise rankings and play the tournament that way. 1 plays 16 .. 2 plays 15 and so on…..

            Yes there are so called host institutions, but somebody has to host and if there team doesn’t end up there so be it.  Only the top 4 seeds should be assigned to there closet regional.  This no one can complain about the same sites hosting and having a home field advantage. 

            Just a thought

          • Lakes19

            Learn to understand the meaning of the context of the post!  

  • Sioux Fan 4 life

    Switch Michigan State and Miami and you have a lot of potential for some fun games in Regional Finals.

    • Sioux Fan 4 life

      Btw I personally like UND as the 14th seed, i hope they don’t move up too much and get sent out East again, we all know how much we struggle out there! Denver could be in rough shape out there as it is so maybe a split isn’t a bad thing for us this weekend.

  • collhockfan4eva

    i dont think u want nodak at a 14 seed conference tournys always seem to have an upset winner somewhere or another (ex merrimack wins hockey east) if that happens nodak woud be watchin the games at home. also im kinda jumpin the gn with how much everything changes weekly and especially in the conf tournys the amount of changes in pairwise will be wild

  • Enchanted_Tiki_Room

    Isn’t it too early to do this bracketology stuff? All of this would be meaningless by Saturday because PWR will shift again. 

  • bluetell

    There need to be more regionals in the CCHA footprint and less in the XCel Center. Every year the CCHA gets shipped to New England or to WCHA country

    • Agree

      Get your schools to bid to host.

    • jdhockeyboyz

      The NCAA places tournaments at XCel because it is a great venue and attendance is dependable.  St. Paul packs them in for amatuer hockey.  In March, more than 100,000 will attend the 16 team State High School tournament.  In case you haven’t figured it out, the NCAA plays where they can turn a buck and St. Paul delivers.

    • collhockfan4eva

      ccha needs to make the bid like when mich had back to back years at yost i believe western had a bid in grand rapids not to long ago but jd is right xcel will pack it in and make a good buck you dont get that happening at grand rapids to often

    • Lakes19

      Get a Arena and get a school to bid on it….  Its that simple!

  • RITjoe

    Moy will have little chance of predicting the bracket this year if he keeps ignoring the rule about…

     “Conference matchups in first round are avoided, unless five or more teams from one conference are selected, then the integrity of the bracket will be preserved.”

    I think the committee would keep the Ferris St./Ohio St. matchup.

  • Wolverineneshl

    The current brackets look good but we’ll find out after the conference tournaments.

  • Nm156dsf

    If the PWR is a good indicator of who will make the tournament, then the NCAA selection is a joke.  After, the Friday Feb. 24 games, MSU and NMU are still in at 11 and 12 in the PWR.  Look at their records against TUC.  What a joke of a system