Minnesota-Duluth and Michigan players and coaches met with the media after UMD’s 3-2 overtime national championship win. For the Bulldogs, coach Scott Sandelin and forwards Max Tardy, Kyle Schmidt and J.T. Brown took questions; for the Wolverines, it was coach Red Berenson, forwards Louie Caporusso and Carl Hagelin and goalie Shawn Hunwick. This is unedited audio from each press conference.

  • Anonymous

    Bittersweet – DaCosta went down :(

    • HENH10

      I am happy for Merrimack, glad to see them having a great year. They looked very fast and talented last night, am hoping UNH can salvage a split, but Lawler is a tough place to play. Tough luck on DaCosta, hopefully he won’t miss much time. I was there, it was a nasty knee on knee, I’m surprised they both didn’t get hurt.

  • Gregoryfam1

    Wow….. Go Warriors

  • B.D.

    I disagree with your statement of “Merrimack currently wins PairWise comparisons with North Dakota and Denver.”

    I believe it assumes an inflated level of quality in the teams Merrrimack has faced.

    • B.D.

      Okay, I think I see what you are getting at. PWR = Gus beats john, who beat jim, who beat frank, who beat Sam, who beat howie, ergo Gus beats Howie.

      • Ed Trefzger

        No. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I know you want to believe in some sort of conspiracy, but this is all mathematics. Go to the Pairwise Rankings page linked above and click on Switch to Pairwise Rankings Comparison Grid. That grid page allows you to see the comparisons the NCAA uses for each pair of teams under consideration. Merrimack wins the comparison with those two teams by NCAA criteria.

        • Just askin

          Don’t waste your time. These UND guys are convinced the whole world is against them – and by now it probably is because they whine so much.

          • FightingSioux4ever

            Hey pal, opinions are like earholes: everbody has one. Your’s just stinks more.

          • Just askin

            You sure told me!

          • Bulldogs07

            Agreed. All I’ve heard from the get go is whining and complaining from NoDak fans about how their team has been disrespected. They’ve been moaning about east coast bias for years, and no league is good enough to match the WCHA in their eyes (ignoring the fact that Hockey East has had the last three champs).

            In short, let them whine…their racist team nickname is finally getting axed, and apparently the only thing to do in the High Plains is whine about teams that are better than theirs.

          • WCHA

            Must be a disgruntled Yale fan.

          • UND whines too much

            The “I know you are but what am I” defense. Are you five years old?

          • WCHA


          • UND whines too much

            At least you have a sense of humor! But seriously, B.D. has no idea how the Pairwise works.

        • B.D.

          No insult or conspiracy intended, just recapping how the PWR methodology works. If team A beats Team B, then B Beats C, and C beats D, in theory A beats D.

          Its logic flow thus follows that everything gets thrown into flux if at the last game A loses to D. Correct?

        • B.D.

          If the model I listed above is accurate, then it does not take a strong schedule into effect. In effect, a pair of wins against two seperate highly ranked teams could hyper inflate ones standing in a PWR ranking while the team maintains a normal schedule of pretty substandard games.

          Just curious, how does the current model used adjust to strength of schedule?

          • Ed Trefzger

            There is a thorough explanation here:


            Your description is incorrect.

            RPI is one component. It takes strength of schedule into account. Merrimack loses to Denver and NoDak in that category.

            Another is record against teams under consideration and the RPI is the gatekeeper for which teams are in that category. So strength of schedule is a major factor again. Merrimack beats both in record against teams under consideration.

            Another is record against common opponents. Merrimack again beats both — those two losses to Maine loom large there for the Sioux in this comparison. Even if Merrimack loses its remaining games to Maine, it still will have a better record against them than North Dakota.

            Last is record head-to-head. Neither DU or North Dakota has played Merrimack.

  • wchafan

    Is this the Merrimack team that gave up six goals in a loss to Mass-Lowell? A Mass-Lowell team that had lost 13 in a row? How’s that strength of schedule again?

    • Trey

      As opposed to, say, North Dakota who gave up seven goals and lost twice to the fifth place team in Hockey East?

      • Anonymous

        Or BC who lost to Vermont. People have the dumbest arguments sometimes. Throw out Merrimack’s great season because they had a bad game against Umass Lowell. And ignore the fact that they beat UML in their two other games with them.

        • HENH10

          They are having a great season, nobody can take that away from them. Now, maybe they can upgrade some facilities and they can keep getting some good talent.

  • Anonymous

    Merrimack has beaten the number one ranked team twice this season. This shouldn’t really surprise people. And the “no big road wins” argument just went out the door last night.

    • Lefty

      Folks, you can wait until Monday afternoon to see the updated Top 20, but I’ll give it to you now in advance as I have a built-in pairwise calculator:

      Division 1 Men’s Poll (February 14, 2011)

      1. BC
      2. North Dakota
      3. Yale
      4. Denver
      5. MN-Duluth
      6. Merrimack
      7. Union
      8. Notre Dame
      9. UNH
      10. Wisconsin
      11. RPI
      12. Michigan
      13. Miami
      14. BU
      15. Nebraska-Omaha
      16. Dartmouth
      17. W. Michigan
      18. Maine
      19. Colorado College
      20. Ferris State

      • Beanpot101

        Yea…thanks for not having it 100% right

  • Timmay

    The NCAA would never allow Denver to play in either the GB or StL regional.

    • Jay

      I know DU had to go to Albany last year, but weren’t they in a western regional in 2009?

  • Jason

    Yale has to lose to good teams to hurt themselves in the PWR. How dumb is that? They are losing RPI comparisons to only ND and BC. Since neither BC or ND played Yale H2H you throw out that portion it.
    So….It comes down to ND or BC winning either Teams Under Consideration or Common Opponent vs Yale.

    BC and Yale share Vermont and Colgate as COp’s. Yale 2-0-1, BC 3-1-0. BC loses the COp part because they lost a game to Vermont and Yale took care of buisness.
    ND and Yale share just Colorado College as their COp. Yale 1-0-0, ND 1-1-0. ND loses because they didn’t sweep their series with CC and Yale beat CC in their only game.
    So another words, Yale won’t lose the COp to either ND or BC.

    TUC is remaining factor. Yales current TUC is .8000. ND is .7121. BC is .6875. Not possible for ND or BC to get up to .8000 with so few games remaining. So it comes down to Yale having to lose to good teams or there is a shift in the TUC and teams like Princeton and Quinnipiac drop out.

    • tweak23

      Yale has to lose to good teams to hurt themselves in the PWR. How dumb is that?

      It’s the same rule that has been applied to everyone for years. As for Common Opponents, schedule more non-conference games. Going from memory, WCHA usually have 8 non-conference games. I think North Dakota played at least two of those games against WCHA teams. Yale did the same thing. I do give credit to North Dakota for showing willingness to travel (Cornell, Harvard, Maine in recent years). More teams need to do this. And against teams with whom they are fairly matched. Example, look at Wisconsin’s non-conference slate. Joke.

      • Jason

        I hear what you are saying. ND played Anchorage in a tournament early then Duluth for their rink opener Dec 30. Yale gets awarded for having a week nonconference schedule

        • HA HA HA

          I believe ND being swept by Maine is the reason.

        • Crybabies

          And if they played a better non-conference schedule you would be complaining about the league schedule. Get over it. When all is said and done, the ECAC will get two teams in and UND will still be a one seed with a creampuff first round game.

          • Rangers99995

            There’s no such thing as a cream puff game in the NCAA Hockey Tournament.

          • Crybabies

            Point is, they are going to be a #1 seed. They get a #4 in the first round. And in all likelihood the bracket is not going to have perfect “integrity” i.e. 1 v. 8 in the second round, 2 v. 7 etc. So why get worked up about it?

  • Williamson

    I think New Hampshire and UNO should be switched to eliminate the WCHA matchup in the regionals.

    • Nodaksioux

      I don’t mind this WCHA matchup, UNO is so new to the league they still feel like a new opponent to UND, add to that some good games they have played against eachother this year, and the Blaiser coaching against his former team, I think it is a great potential matchup, league opponents or not.

      • sioux4ever

        the pairwise is so full of eastern bias it makes me want to puke. yale being the 1 overall seed is a joke. their schedule is a joke and their non conf schedule is a joke. who are they going to schedule for non conf opponents next season the northeastern bantam allstars or maybe thats too tough they’ll play the pee wee allstars. yale gets too much respect for a team that plays a powder puff schedule. play a schedule like n. dak. and see what yales record would be.

        • just go away

          Yes, simple math shows “eastern bias”. That’s what the NCAA set out to do decades ago. It was all part of a master plan to get Yale the top seed in 2011. What evil geniuses they are.

    • Bruce

      Can’t move UNH. They host in manchester

  • YouSee

    If that lineup holds up, Manchester will be packed with all those local teams there. Can’t spell “bubble” without bu.


    If Yale Does not win the ECAC and either ND or BC win thier conference it would take the commitee big NUTZ to give Yale the overall #1.

    They played no one and beat no one. When your non conference is 3 Atlantic (Sacred Heart, Air Force “LOST” , Holy Cross), 1 HE (Vermont) and 1 WCHA (Colorado College) they are truly a 3 seed at best.

    • It is KRACH

      If you can’t even get the spelling right your argument has no merit.

    • Jay

      if Yale finishes #1 in PWR, not it won’t.

    • Stal102

      Does it matter? There’s no way Yale even wins its regional at this point. Whoever is the #2 or #3 in that region is lucky – probably merrimack or notre dame

  • B.D.

    I still think it would be more fair to move the second WCHA team to manchester.

    Which currently looks like:
    Northeast Regional (Manchester)

    14 Dartmouth vs. 3 Boston College
    11 New Hampshire vs. 7 Union
    Either replace union or new Hamshire with UNO.

    • Matt Dresens

      Cant move UNH they host in Manchester

      • Jay

        not to mention the committee doesn’t move teams to a different seed.

      • B.D.

        Just saying it would be fairer is all…

  • CollegeHockeyRules

    In a way, one can argue that PWR is fair since it is predefined. That said, it is so obviously flawed that it is equally easy to argue that it is not fair. Under PWR Yale can continue to lose to crappy teams and they would still continue to hold the PWR advantage over BC and North Dakota since the teams they are losing to are not good enough to be teams under consideration. Also the fact that all TUCs are treated equal in PWR is another obvious flaw. Let’s face it, beating the a bottom half TUC is not as impressive as beating an upper half TUC.