Hobey’s Jim Connelly and Ed Trefzger are joined by CCHA columnist Paula C. Weston with a look at top Hobey hopeful Andy Miele, a discussion of the difficulty Miami has in promoting both Miele and teammate Carter Camper, and a look at Michigan’s Carl Hagelin.

  • Matt Frattin

    Matt Frattin. That is the only name you need to know when talking about the 2011 Hobey Baker. Kid is a beast.

    • AL

      you got that right brother….straight up animal….dominating the wcha…gonna tear it up is the nhl as well..powerful stuff…should be able to snag hobey and a national championship on is well to the nhl..good luck..go sioux..

  • Bigredguy90

    It has to be Miele. He has dominated all year, and has put up ridiculous numbers for a quality team.

    • Mikegendreau

      Matt Frattin

  • Suture1

    Listen, really, if anyone follows college hockey AND is unbiased there is no doubt Matt Frattin is the best college hockey player. You can tell me about Meile, and he is a fine hockey player, but he is not in the same ballpark as Frattin. Just go to Utube and watch some of Frattin’s highlights, this kid has it all. Speed, moves, strength and a shot that will take you into next week. Oh, did I say this shot is a WRIST shot? North Dakota has a great team but they are where they are because of one person, Matt Frattin.

  • Anony

    lost all respect for frattin, a great player, when he maliciously left his feet with intent to injure a minny player a while back…give it to hagelin, kid does everything

  • MitchellFreedmon

    Frattin is ridiculous. The guy is going to be a beast in the NHL, could contend for a scoring title some day with his shot alone.