Here are photos from Denver’s win over Boston College and Providence’s win over Miami at the East Regional in Providence, R.I., on Saturday.

  • Mc7061

    Please explain how they were 18 points out of first, earned 6 points, and are now only 10 points out.  Is that mathematically possible?

    • Paula Weston

      Thanks for alerting me to the typo. 

  • Kudos to Bowling Green for humbling No. 2 Ohio State this weekend.  Seems like old times in the CCHA ;)!!

    • Kudos Exactly.  I saw Bowling Green up in Bemidji this year and I have to tell you I would have never picked them to beat Ohio State!  Gotta Love conference match-ups! 

  • nmu dad

    Wildcats are 6th in the PWR with a favorable remaining schedule.  They are only 20th in the poll???   They did the heavy work before the break with a tough schedule.

    If Yale was this good the poll would have them pegged at #1

    • Yooper

      As usual NMU gets the butt end of the “estimations” by the pollsters.  The PWR is the one factor that takes the subjectivity out and puts the objectivity in.  I remember the USCHO poll just before the NCAA regional a few years ago.
      NMU wasn’t mentioned and nor were they in the “bracketology” column.
      But guess what, NMU was picked to go.  They lost an opening heartbreaker to SCSU in Minnesota.  Take a look at the latest dumb personal poll from the writer from for the Atlantic Hockey league.  He has Yale and Air Force in the top twenty and no mention of #6 PWR NMU.   It is beyond me why NMU is not above LSSU, MIchigan, Ferris St and several others in the current USCHO poll.
      It matters not to these bozo’s that NMU has had the toughest SOS in the nation and has a won-lost record comparable to all these other teams.  What gives….
      I don’t know.  I think they are either biased or they have something against NMU.  They certainly aren’t objective when they ignore the stats and the facts.
        And that USA Today poll.  NMU can forget them – they wouldn’t mention the Wildcats if they won ten straight.  But, hang in there nmu dad, eventually these pollsters will run out of excuses.

      • nmu dad

        bingo yooper !!!  9 CCHA teams in the top 20 with about 10 weeks to go. 

    • Aygwm2

      I simply want to caution Wildcat fans on getting too excited about the PWR or the polls at this point.  I prefer that NMU fly under the radar.  They still have 13 games to play, 12 against CCHA opponents and 1 against Tech.  A lot can happen during the next seven weeks.  So far, NMU has played themselves into a good position against TUC competition in the PWR, but they have a tough schedule the rest of the way with 9 of those games on the road: MSU, Tech, Miami, BGSU, UoM and only 4 at home: Ferris and LSSU.  Let’s see how they stand in the PWR around mid-February, then I’ll question the polls.