Here are images from Harvard’s win over Boston College in the women’s Frozen Four semifinals Friday at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis.

  • Siouxmaniac

    North Dakota is tied for 19th?  But we play the toughest schedule in the most awesome league to ever exist in any sport.

    • Mrs. York

      … and the whining commences

      • Joe C

        I am not sure it ever stops.

    • Guest

      Sounds like someone is playing to the crowd……

      • BD

        Yeah, homeboy returneth……..

    • Lennyak1

      That must be why Hakstol is 1-5-1 against BC since he has been coaching UND.

  • Pricio9

    Wow…its nice to see Sacret Heart up there after getting swept and outscored 15-0.  What a joke

    • MTUalum

      And the team that beat them 15-0 isn’t on the list!  :)

  • Joe C

    Here is how you know this is just a fun exercise without any statistical validity.

    BU (BU fan here) is ranked number 1 just by beating UNH at home, while BC when to Grand Forks and won the Ice Breaker and is ranked number 7.

    Until BU wins a few games against BC this year or BC stops looking like it reloaded, there is no way BU should be ahead of BC in anything other than Hockey East standings.

  • Guest

    Did the Red Sox make the PWR list?

  • duck

    Or how about this? MN-Duluth and Notre Dame split, Notre Dame is ninth and UMD is off the list? I’m thinking this list was drawn randomly…

  • Yooper

    You can’t get your bracketology right in December. How do you expect to get it right in October?

  • Paula Weston

    USCHO:  Helping people obsess about things over which they have no control since 1996.  

    *big grin*

    • Joe C

      Thank you for feeding that monster!

      Don’t look now, but Providence should be ZOOMING up the PW.