Here are scenes from Minnesota’s 4-2 Friday night victory over Ohio State at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis, MN.

  • John McFarland

    Your “bad feeling” was correct in game one as RIT dominated Ferris State, let’s hope you are wrong again today!  Go Tigers!

    • Paula Weston

      It certainly is relative.  I mean, it was a “good feeling” for Tigers fans, right?  

  • streaker

    Not only are the Wolverines struggling this season, but they do not fare well against teams with “Boston” in their names. I would be shocked if Michigan were to win this. Pick: BC 4-2I can’t say that we’re not shocked either, but Michigan fans have said from the jump that talent has not been the issue this season. BC played right into their hands with odd man rushes and penalties. The 2nd period was symptomatic of the struggles Michigan has had this season, but they overcame it. Great to see guys finish their chances (although Kevin Lynch is still snakebitten on breakaways and penalty shots.)  BTW- that’s three straight over that particular team from Boston, Paula. 

    • Paula Weston

      I know, Streaker.  I was thinking historically.  I’m still shocked — and certainly less that the Wolverines took advantage of their chances than that the Eagles gave them so many chances.  You know I’m not unhappy with the outcome.  I didn’t expect an all-CCHA GLI title game, but I’m delighted by it.

  • David Marvez

    You would be correct!  Let’s see if that ‘good feeling’ continues this afternoon.