Here are photos from Friday’s opening day of the 2014 Ice Breaker Tournament in South Bend, Ind., where No. 1 Minnesota beat Minnesota-Duluth 4-3 and Rensselaer beat No. 12 Notre Dame 3-2:

  • CCHA fan

    Paula, thanks for the continued CCHA coverage.  Quick question: I noticed that Jon Merrill was selected for the preliminary Team USA roster for the upcoming World Junior Championships… any word on when he might be back on the roster for Michigan? 

    • Paula Weston

      I am not certain, and Michigan is playing Merrill’s status close to the vest.  If I hear anything this weekend during the MSU-UM series, I’ll definitely update the Merrill story on Monday.

  • ???

    NMU scored FOUR times against Miami — three times with a two-man advantage Saturday night

    Paula how does that work out in a 5-1 game…

    • Paula Weston

      Missing words:  four times on the power play.  Fixed now.

  • non-dusty Bronco

    must be feeling generous giving BG a win against the broncos lol, I think Western will really start to pick up the intensity in the next month all leading up to a huge series in Kzoo vs. Duluth

    • Paula Weston

      Only because it’s Christmas.  *grin*

  • Rick Rhoades78

    Northern Mich gaining some mojo! They’ve had a tough schedule to date and now it gets really tough with plenty of road games leading out….I like the look of this team? Any thoughts?