Here are photos from Sunday’s women’s Frozen Four championship game in Hamden, Conn., where Clarkson beat Minnesota.

  • that Cornell Union matchup friday night is at Lynah

    • Union93

      Can there be a tie for the Cleary Cup? I assume there is an actual cup that is awarded which I assume would eliminate ties?

      • Leggs2

        No. Head-to-head is the first tiebreaker after points, then number of wins, then other criteria. Union tied Cornell, but has 2 more wins than Cornell currently.
        If the teams tie in points, Union will have more wins.and wil win the Cup.

        • Leggs2

          Correction: If Cornell wins both weekend games, and Union only beats Colgate, they will be tied in points and Cornell gets the Cup based on head-to-head.

          • Ajfallis

            That’s what I thought.  Thanks.

          • Uniontrack

            Actually, according to Ken Schott at the Gazette, if both Union and Cornell tie in points, both teams will share the regular season title and both schools will get an actual cup as a trophy. Hence, the different scenarios above would only be used for determining the number one seed in the tournament. 

          • Leggs2

            Seems kind of odd to award two (or possibly more) Cups, but that is correct, I was wrong.

          • Guest

            Incorrect: Cleary Cup is awarded regardless of tie-breakers.  If Cornell sweeps and Union beats Colgate, Cornell and Union share the Cleary Cup, and Cornell holds the top seed in the tournament.

          • Leggs2

            I stand corrected, you are entirely right. It happened in ’05/’06 with Dartmouth and Colgate.  Sorry folks.

  • Guest

    Friday night’s Union vs. Cornell game will be played at Lynah, not Messa Rink.

  • Fatty Mcgee

    What are chances ECAC gets 2 teams in?

    • css228

      good if Cornell sweeps this weekend

      • Leggs2

        Lots of hockey to be played, especially when playoffs included.
        Probable NCAA entrants will be Union and ECAC Tournament winner (if not Union).  If Union wins Cleary and Tournament, likely to be the sole ECAC rep.

        • css228

          Point I was making is that if Cornell sweeps this weekend, the chances that it could end up in at large territory as well start to look good. Given the way things look, I’m not betting on anyone out of the top 2 winning the tournament so that’s the likeliest scenario in my mind for 2 teams from the ECAC. 3 isn’t out of the question, but its highly unlikely.

          • Guest

            To get at at-large I think Cornell can only afford one more loss.  Assuming Cornell has six games remaining: two regular season, two quarterfinal games, two games in Atlantic City.  Getting an at-large by definition means they don’t win the tournament so that loss would be in the finals or semi-finals (win consolation game).  Dropping a quarterfinal game, especially against a weak opponent, could be fatal.  Wins again bad teams won’t count against team RPI but a loss does!  

    • Eaglesgolfcoach

      Very good if any team but Union wins the tournament. Union has to be a lock to go at this point.  They demolished Michigan away and are a legitimate threat to win multiple games in the NCAA’s if their goalie is healthy.  The only thing holding them back, in all likelihood, from getting first place votes in the polls are the losses out west after Christmas….

  • 4life4america

    A Union and Cornell tie and top places in the tournament would send them both. 

  • Deflorio

    Cornell-Union is at Lynah, not Messa.

  • Dead On Arrival

    Sounds like that Union-Cornell game is at Lynah?!!!!!! That must mean RPI is at Colgate on TV.  Proves that only dorks with no lives read this stuff…..and count me in as one.

  • Guest 1

    Cornell should have won at SLU for as poor as the Officials were in that game…

  • Bogie_yo

    Ag School!  Ag School!  Ag School!

    Go Union!!!

  • NotFriskyEnough

    Nice article Owen.

  • CCT 70+

    No matter how you slice it, it’s good hockey.

    Union is very credable, and has learnd a lot in the  past year.  Can they play with the intensity and consistency necessary for success at the NCAA level?  We get to find out, and it should be exciting.  Cornell is, well, Big Red.