Here are photos from Friday’s Hockey East semifinals in Boston, where Massachusetts-Lowell beat Notre Dame and New Hampshire beat Providence.

  • LarryC24

    No Paula we open some beers, toss in a chew and talk hockey haha

    • Paula Weston

      Larry, this is exactly what I need to know.  Thanks!  :-D

  • JG

    You left out Scott Greenham feeding two tasty doughnuts to BGSU in their barn.

    • Paula Weston

      JG, the entire blog is based on three actual things I said to my friend while writing my picks, all three of which I knew would bite me by Monday morning — even as I wrote them.  

  • FSU82

    JG get on board its alway UM, MSU, Miami..oh I forgot…. always sprinkled with a little OSU.

  • Zach

    No Lake State talk?  Hard to ignore their spilt with #2 Notre Dame.

    • JordanDutcher

      It is great to see our Lakers playing the best hockey that they have played in more than a decade… GO LAKERS!!!

    • Paula Weston

      Once again, Monday’s three-things blog is about three things that come to mind following the weekend.  Every conference columnist picks three things.  This is just one of the articles about the CCHA that will be posted this week.

      There’s a column on Wednesday.  Every week this season, the column has focused on a different team — or on two teams at once.  It’s always timely.  This week, I’m writing about CCHA-specific series from last weekend.  I think that probably gives you an indication of what’s ahead for the column.

      Every Friday I post a picks blog, and every team that is playing is discussed. 

      That’s the format across the site this year.  Every team in the league has been spotlighted in the column, but the Monday blog hits three things.  Sometimes I don’t like to overlap too much (or at all) what’s discussed Monday with what I have planned for the column, since it’s out a couple of days later.

      The coverage is more than just the first thing you read Monday morning.

  • Hoffman Ryan14

    How does a goalie that allows 7 goals on the weekend get Goaltender of the week. What a joke! Greenham was perfect on the weekend. I’ll give you that maybe MSU’s goalie had more saves but he allow 7 goals! Come on!

  • eatinbiscuits

    may I suggest two people doing this column, both offering their opinions just like the WCHA? Or would encroach on your spotlight? I hear from some at Mott CC that its your way or the highway paula

  • Dan

    Quiz time:
    What do  Broncos, Lakers, Bulldogs, Wildcats, and Irish have in common?

    Hint – look at the league standings.

    • Mark W.

      You’ve stumped me Dan. Any clues?

      • Dan

        They are in the CCHA – Even if they are not mentioned in the blog.

        • Paula Weston

          Yet the Lakers were the focus, in part, of this week’s column.  Every team that plays is mentioned every week, if only in the Picks blog.  I rotate focus in the column, and the three things from the weekend are three things — nothing more, nothing less.