Here are photos from the CCHA semifinal games, Notre Dame’s 3-1 win over Ohio State and Michigan’s 6-2 win over Miami:

  • Sshablak

    Austin Smith leads the nation with 15 goals, four shorties, second in scoring, one point behind the leaders. Five goals over the weekend, what you have to do to get mentioned ???

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, no way he isn’t INCH’s National Player of the Week.

    • Mea culpa. Noticed, but it fell to the back of my notes by the time I was writing.

    • FD8

      Oh but it’s SOOOOOOO interesting to hear about how much we suck. -_-

  • Yes, I heard about Smith with leading 15 goals. Great achievement !!

  • ColSkate65

    How could anyone overlook a player who leads the nation in goals (and SHGs) and had five goals – including a hat trick – over the two games last weekend. Defies logic!