Here are photos from Friday’s semifinal games at the WCHA Final Five in St. Paul, Minn., Wisconsin’s 4-1 victory over St. Cloud State and Colorado College’s 2-0 victory over Minnesota:

  • David Skraba

    The Gophers hold the tie-breaker, BUT ONLY FOR THE PURPOSES OF WCHA PLAYOFF SEEDING!  For the purposes on the McNaughton Cup, no tiebreakers are employed.  Co-champions exist if the Bulldogs and Gophers have the same amount of points.  And whether you are a 1 or 2 seed is irrelevant – both get the 2nd round playoff bye!!!

    • DU_Fan

      Good point!!! Additionally if there are any upsets in the first round of best-of-three, the teams are reseeded for the Frozen Five (really Frozen Six). Should the Gophers or UMD get upset, at least the #2 has lost in the past, either DU or Sioux could get the bye.

      • puck fan

         I believe it’s actually the WCHA Final Five tournament – the final five GAMES of the WCHA season – to eliminate 5 teams and leave one league playoff champion (2 lose in the quarterfinals, 2 lose in the semifinals, and 1 more loses in the championship game.  No 3rd place game this year).

    • guest

      Actually, the number one seed is the home team and has the last line change, which can make a small difference.

  • Sivgopher

    They didn’t have third place game last year either. I think it hurts the teams close to making tournament one more game can be huge of course you have to win. Plus if I was traveling far I would want a little more chance of seeing my team twice

  • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are all missing the most important point….and that would be the Sioux winning the WCHA Final 5 and then a national championship. this team is eerily similar to the 2000 championship team…lol im just being a goof but the similarities are astounding. good luck to whoever plays them come playoff time

    • beefheart

      Now THAT is funny stuff. And good luck to you and yourn as well.

      • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         lol thanks…the team in 2000 had almost twice as many goals and half allowed….its strange that the old days where you have a few teams every year that are just dominant over every one else….i blame the NHL for stealing students early

        • WCHA HOCKEY

          It is the NHL has ruined alot in college hockey, they have a certain amount of space they have to fill up on their salary and they use young college players to fill that instead of letting them develop in college. Its dumb.

        • Phoenixfyre1313

          That was the best comment I saw all year by a Sioux fan.  Nice.  Yes, it would be nice if the NHL stopped robbing the college teams for their best players.

    • Co-Native

      ahahahahah you are funny! the Sioux Winning the final five ahahahahaha…oh that made me literally LOL.  Oh. you’re serious..ahahahaha

      • SIOUXFAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         I am serious

      • GodsSquadForever

        That was odd

    • GodsSquadForever

      You had to go out and jinx us didn’t you!