Here are photos from Thursday’s games at the WCHA Final Five, Wisconsin’s 7-2 win over Minnesota State and Colorado College’s 4-3 overtime win over North Dakota.

  • vicb

    Clarkson is gonna have a tough time winning at Quinny with 2 of their top players (and scorers)  Sexton and Oakley out with injuries.

  • Union Alum ’97

    What about RPI/Union on Tuesday night?

    • Joshua Boyd

      We’ll see what happens this weekend first… and sorry about nicknames, folks. That’s what I get for writing late. 

  • Rmf194278

    Cornell is the Big Red, not RPI…

    • He’s new here. He’ll figure out that RPI is actually the Big Cherry soon enough.

  • Sshablak

    colgate has won two of it’s last four, not one !

  • Colgatehockey58

    hey josh in the colgate’s last four games, they actually had two wins, not one. Do some research, before you embarrass yourself

  • Anonymous

    I have a heard time believing that Cornell’s going to come out of this weekend only with 2 points and will get them at Dartmouth. Of course thats basically what happened last weekend, but I’m thinking if the Red only get 2 they’re coming from Lynah East. That said I’m expecting 3 points this weekend and hoping for 4!

    • Guest

      I see Cornell’s weekend going the other way: beating Harvard, losing to Dartmouth.  And I’m not just saying that now that I see Cornell is up 3-1 in the 2nd.

      • Anonymous

        Thats excatly what I said. We just call Bright Lynah East here in Ithaca. If were going to lose a game its at Dartmouth because Dartmouth is better than Harvard. But I’m still hoping for a 4 pt weekend on the road.

  • Nardospam

    Come on, Josh: if you’re going to pick Harvard over Cornell in Bright, don’t do it because you think Harvard has some sort of home-ice advantage. Have you BEEN to one of those games? It’s at least 2/3 red!

  • Critsports

    Patience, butterfly????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Does anyone proof read this stuff?

  • SLUFAN30

    Wow you guys really shouldent over look SLU they can play and prolly beat every team in the league with how good matt weninger is playin

  • Christopher Bangs

    I think its “patience grasshopper”  Cornell is looking like they are back on form after a disappointing season last year.  4 points on the road at Harvard and Dartmouth, plus the win against Yale gives them a lot of creed early in the season.  Lets go RED!