The #3 Boston College Eagles defeated the #4 Cornell University Big Red 4-3 in overtime.

  • flopper

    what an _ _ _ hole !! ……….to even suggest  in jest at 52-0 [maine vs uah] is disrespectful to all of Div I hockey ………..shame on you !!!!!!!!!!

    • Bkjbj

       Maine 4-3 win

    • Dave Hendrickson

      C’mon, lighten up.  I’ve expressed several times in the weekly picks that I’m saddened at the current state of the once-proud Chargers.  I feel for the school and its fans.

      But a lopsided prediction is only realistic when one team in on pace to get an NCAA tournament berth and the other is now 2-26-1 and has been outscored 119-35.

      So I played around with the prediction as a means of having fun with the Maine fans.  Note that in the Saturday prediction, I say, “Okay, so it won’t be 52-0, but it also won’t be close. The Chargers drop to 2-26-1.” I then predict a 5-1 score.

      Any reasonable reader can see that I was really predicting roughly a 5-1 score each night, but was using hyperbole and humor in the process.  Long-time readers may recall that I did much the same thing years ago in an RPI-UNH prediction.

      • flopper

        “playing around with the maine fans” at the expense of others is still disrespectful of Div 1 hockey and UAH.!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          you must be the losing goalies father….?

        • rvrhwk

          get a grip! If you’re not enjoying yourself and taking things with a sense of humor, that’s your problem. no need to demonize the writers here. It’s entertainment, not wartime journalism. jeez

  • TooBad

    Sorry Flopper, 2nd best offense in the country at home in the Alfond is going to make UAH look like they don’t belong in DI hockey.  And that’s why they are closing up shop this year.

    • Nsaunders

      wow !!!!!

    • Scott

       UAH has at least one more year and may have several more if funds are raised. Alum came up with the money needed.

  • Anonymous

    Classic trap game up in Orono. UM is down 3-1 in the 3rd. Who picked that? No one.

    • BChockey

       Maine 4-3 win. chill out!

      • Anonymous

        Rather be lucky than good?