Here are scenes from Minnesota State’s 4-0 win over Providence on Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Center in Mankato, MN.


    i would have the classic be all minnesota teams in 2013 goghers and NCHA AND WCHA MINNESOTA TEAMS 

  • BulldogsFan

    “Hot goaltending, opportunistic scoring, and great penalty killing”.  Wow so that’s the template for beating UMD.  Newsflash that’s the template for beating ANY team. Its almost comical to read that quote. also forgot to mention it’s really important to score more goals than your opponent. 

    • You lost one game in 18 it will be ok!

    • Brian Halverson

      What is truly comical is your failure to recognize something written tongue-in-cheek. Obviously that’s the way to beat anybody, I was trying to have some fun with it. Life is too short and your ‘Dogs are too good to be so serious.

      • BulldogsFan

        I’m too serious?  I was laughing when I wrote that comment. Trust me I’ve followed these Bulldog for a long time and remember so incredibly long seasons so I’ve learned not to get to worked up over the ‘Dogs.  My comment wasn’t an attack on your article it was more of an observation of the obvious.    

  • guest

    What about the other 3 series last weekend? Some recap…

  • Anonymous

    Which 4 Minnesota teams would you take though? There’s 5 right now with a 6th on the way…

    • BulldogsFan

      I would rather see the Bulldogs and Gophers play every year in a home and home series.  Let BSU, Mankato and St. Cloud play the Gophers in the Minnesota version of the Beanpot.   

      • mrjakep

        All MN tournament! Would be a blast! Could you expand to six teams and still get it done in a weekend? Next problem is world juniors always takes players!

        • BulldogsFan

          I still don’t think MSU-Moorhead will be starting a program.  I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see it so I think your stuck at 5 teams.  With SCSU and UMD going to the National they will already be seeing each other 4 times in league play.  Plus, I would assume this tourney would be played at the “X” so the Gophers can claim its a neutral site, which in reality it’s not.  My guess is most Bulldog fans would agree they would rather see a 2 game series against the Gophers than a MN tourney with the Bulldogs involved. 

          • Dfulcher

            Couldn’t agree with you more.  As a Bulldog fan I have very little interest in this type of set up.  Sorry, but I’d like to see those teams in Duluth instead of at the X. 

          • Anonymous

            No offense to the other MN teams but a tournament without the Bulldogs would be a soft tournament. Think of the revenue stream if there was a tournament at the Xcel.. or even outdoors at Target Field. 

          • Good point GoldyTheGreat!  Everything boils down to revenue!  (Big Ten)  Sorry!  Without Duluth or UND, the Xcel and Target Field would both laugh at the idea!

          • Anonymous

            My point about the Revenue Stream was alluding to the benefits of all teams involved in a tournament. The Gophers have money already but other Universities would definitely benefit from a tournament. Oh and trust me.. We don’t need UND involved for a successful tournament. 

          • Fan Man

            What an ignorant piece of work you are goldy the goon!  Edina Cake eater I presume?  All about $$$$$

          • Anonymous

            Lol. I’m not from Edina and anyone who’s from the Twin Cities knows Edina is no different from any other suburb. It’s well documented that smaller Universities like Mankato/Bemidji will lose revenue without the Gophers/Badgers/Bulldogs etc. visiting their arenas which is unfortunate in tough Economic times. This is echoed by my close friends and coworkers who are Mankato, Bemidji alumni that I talk to regularly. I take a lot of pride in Minnesota Hockey and like to see all Minnesota teams succeed except for when they play my hometown team that I’ve followed for 25 years which is only normal. That’s what I was alluding to when talking about revenue but it’s obviously been misconstrued.

          • I heard from a un-linkable source that there are goalie helmets already being made to show off what the Dragons (what the hell) will look like.  I don’t now what water that holds but I think it’s more of a real possibility than we might think!

  • What a great series between MN and UND!  Lived up to all the hype!

    Couldn’t agree more that I would love the series to continue but I hate to say it; the passion from this intense rivalry will be lost once the teams are no longer in the same conference!
    So what are we holding on to?  The Big Ten (along with others) have changed the face of college hockey forever and there isn’t a whole lot fans can do about it!  Gotta fill that Friday night schedule on the Big Ten Network!  What if they pulled this stunt with Hockey East and pulled BC and left BU hanging!  

    I am not against playing UND form time to time by any means, but to try and say we are gonna keep the rivalry going; in my opinion, will only diminish arguably the greatest college hockey rivalry ever!

    Neil Young said it right”It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.”

  • Soundvision909

    Where is scott reed when I need to say I told you so. Or at least I said it before and UND vindicated me. Great series out of the um/und schools this year. It will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Replace the Mariucci Classic with a Minnesota College Hockey Showcase.  Play it over a holiday weekend.  It would be a great fundraiser for all schools involved.  There are enough alumuni and current students from all schools that live in the Twin Cities so it would be a  pretty good draw.  It would be better than the Gophers vs Niagra  There’s the Bean Pot and the GLI so why not make something like this work in MN.  Easier said than done.  I’m sure the MN schools not in the same conference will probably end up playing each other anyways on fairly regular basis – but it would be nice to get the gang together for bragging rights. 

    • mntopscollege

      my thoughts as well. mariucci classic is really boring overall. get a little tournament with duluth, UND and bemidji or nebraska-omaha. maybe even do it outdoors like they do out east every year. would be awesome and tickets would fly like hotcakes but yeah them other teams may be bored with that idea after playing each other alot so maybe toss in wisconsin too then

  • phuk the gophers!!! hehehe…

    • nogofer

      AG:  Come on, WE are above this…

  • oh and anything that happens on the ice is here say. so to these bafoons who write the wcha articles, you guys need to watch the tape. Blood only retaliated to a gopher who got in a cheap shot after time expired. The handshake ordeal could have amounted from anything, but to just simply point blame and call out Ben Blood is ridiculous.   Long Live The FIGHTING SIOUX!!!!!!!

    • WCHA Fan

      Regardless of what did or did not happen before the handshake line, nothing like that should have occurred during the line.  Ben Blood is a classless goon.  He fits right in at The University Formally Known as the Sioux.

  • jsiiter55

    “…the Mavericks scored on three of their 15 shots on Kenny Reiter…”

    I believe there was an empty net goal that was scored by the Mavs on Saturday night.