Here are photos from Ohio State’s shootout victory after a 1-1 tie with Alaska on Friday:

  • Please, keep picking against the boys from Huntington Ave… it has been good to us so far. #GoNU

    • Dave Hendrickson

      I was prepared to pick for your boys until I saw the matchups. #IDoNotHateNU

  • Anonymous

    Dave Hendrickson and Larry Mahoney must be twins…

    • Dave Hendrickson

      Ah, so you think Larry is an imbecile, too?  I consider him good company. :)

  • Smeline

    Hey Dave; Boston University is BU not bc

    • Dave Hendrickson

      I caught it when reading over Jim’s picks this morning, but thanks for the heads-up. In my defense, I made the typo when it was one in the morning…

  • Paul Gentile

    Wow, Dave…what a week for you with this “Maine Love-fest” stuff. You must think the Warriors are done for the year … tsk, tsk …. I’ll be surprised to see Maine get a point on the weekend.

  • Idontknow87

    How many games does BC have to lose for people to pick against them? They are 5-6-1 in their last 12 games and everyone still has them on top of their list. NU is 7-1-1 in their last 9, including wins against Michigan, Notre Dame, and UML (all teams BC lost to recently). BC will lose at Fenway…again. 

    • JG

      The one loss in a scrimmage hardly counts and they won the tie in a shootout so basically 8-0

      • Idontknow87

        Didn’t realize the loss was a scrimmage. My question is how are they doing this all the sudden?