In Hockey East’s opening game, host Northeastern defeated Merrimack 4-2 on Wednesday. The Huskies went up 3-0 in the first period while the Warriors scored twice in the second period. An empty-net goal in the final minute for Northeastern was the only score in the third period.

  • maddog

    No mention on Clendening missing from the Notre Dame game? thats the main reason why the defense sucked, Ruikia was playing instead of Clendening. 

    • mike

      Tynan etc were out for notre dame please

    • The Reader

      because one player makes a really big difference on the defence come on now

  • Guest

    unbeated?? unbeaten

    • Jim Connelly

      Thanks for catching that. Typo fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Years of NCAA playoff ineptitude haven’t managed to wrest the throne from underneath UNH coach Umile, but I’ll bet the ineptitude they’re in the midst of now most certainly will (or ought to).

    • Anonymous

      Unlikely UNH will dump Umile any more than UMaine will dump Whitehead.

      • After Further Review


  • Ab5infam

    Umile must go…or the fans will

    • brian

      Not really Umile’s fault that DiGirolamo went from a solid goalie and a pre-season #1 to basically the worst goalie in college hockey overnight.  Maybe he should have gone to the backups earlier, but they are both very young (one a true freshman).  Th team is young in general, and they’ve yet to get a solid scoring line together.  

      that being said…i don’t think they would be taking a huge step back if they went in another direction at coach.

      • After Further Review

        The team is young, but the two times DeSmith has played (vs. BU and the 3rd vs. Brown), the team has played with a lot more intensity.  It surely does help when you have confidence that your goalie will make the saves for you and he has proven he can, freshman or not, he deserves more of a look now.

  • jan

    many of the players including the senior leaders on the unh team think Tyler Scott should be in net.  Unfortunately Umile doesn’t stand behind his walk on recruit.  He would rather play the players he invested in instead of players that can play to win.

    • After Further Review

      I find that hard to believe… I do think Casey DeSmith deserves more time and Jeff Wyer would have gotten a lot more time by now, if not for his knee injury.  I don’t think there is any way Scott is better than Wyer or DeSmith.  Either way, the way Digi is playing, I’d rather see anybody but him in there.