TAMPA, Fla. — Here’s how it looked Saturday at Tampa Bay Times Forum as Boston College celebrated the 2012 Frozen Four championship:

  • Ms London

    Let’s go to HEA and the Eagles. I was there for both games and there is no doubt in my mind that BC is a better overall team than Mercyhurst. They literally dominated Mercyhurst most of both games. With that said, I haven’t followed Mercyhurst much but it seems like Pattenden is a very emotional goalie. Get on her head early and you’ll probably be a step ahead, besides the hole she has on her glove side. Needless to say that on saturday’s OT win, Mercyhurst was only able to score on 5 on 3 and 5 on 4 on regular time. That right there should show you how hard was for them to make it happen. On the Eagles side, the defense improvement has been great but.. at the same time they have let go their special teams. They must work on their power play killing and scoring unit. I also usually don’t count empty net goals but the Friday game one made by Alex wasn’t your regular break out or dump in goal. That took skills and Mercyhurst had a great chance to stop it from happening. Bottom line is that playoffs are 1 and out, you have no chance to try and make it up the next day, and when it was so hard for you to make it happen on the second day… well, you might just not survive.
    On the future no longer fighting Sioux, it seems like they are planning to keep Monique on defense because it has been “working” so far. Well, newsflash coach it didn’t work so much with UMD second game did it?? Which makes you wonder that if Dagfinrud is not on top of her game you ain’t making it? and if Monique decides to get a little frustrated all goes to hell?? Regardless, we all know Weibe’s line ain’t enough to go against the Badgers.. well the bottom team just proved it this weekend. They have to do some major surgery on their defense.
    As usual, no comments about the Badgers. They’ve played a very solid and consistence game.

    I haven’t watched the Big Red play this season, but after watching Mercyhurst this weekend I’m starting to agree with Candance and believe that BC should be over Cornell. If you allow a team like them score 4+ goals on you, that you def. are not worth of the 3rd spot in the nation.

    To all the coaches of the best sport in the world out there.. toughen up a bit, think outside the box and put your overall team well being on top (take no favorites).