TAMPA, Fla. — Here’s how it looked Wednesday as Union, Ferris State, Minnesota and Boston College took the ice and the podium at Tampa Bay Times Forum on the eve of the national semifinals.

  • Lenn

    5 WCHA teams into a single half of the bracket?  Don’t give the NCAA any ideas.  :)

  • Ms London

    I must say , I was less than impressed by The Gophers this weekend, granted I only saw the second game which ended in a 7-3 in favor of them.. if you take a look at the SOG or if you had the chance to watch the game, you’ve noticed that Bellamy wasn’t on her best performance. Maybe this happened because it was a second game? I haven’t watched the Gophers all season long but that was a slow paced, poor defense less than impressive stick handling game. I think their game against UND would be a great match. Surely hope they bring up the pace, otherwise the twins will dance around them!
    BU on the other has proven to be lacking of engine power on the AWAY games. Particularly the second day game. I’m going to put them on hold for now, Poulin will change the consistency of this power house.
    There is one team I have yet to watch play and I really would like to.. Bemidji State! they seem to be the underdog rising. They do not have any superstars but yet, they give their opponents a good match. They must have one heck of a drive every time they step on that ice.
    Back to HEA, I think that BC has just proven how mentally susceptible they can be particularly when your top line is filled with freshmen! The game against QU just showed that. Talking about giving up! On the other hand, I have yet to see this season a team that can be as explosive and fast paced as them when they have their game on!