• Lenn

    So Wisconsin sweeps an eastern powerhouse (BU), and Cornell beats up three little sisters of the poor.  And UW loses a first-place vote in this week’s poll?  It would be interesting to find out who the fifteen pollsters are.

  • RLK

    Its great that someone outside of Colorado is writing about our college hockey teams but there are three D-1 teams here, not two. Don’t forget about the AHA leading Air Force Falcons. 

    • Brian Halverson

      Late-night oversight corrected.

    • summitco08

      It’s the AHA… no one cares….

  • Peter

    The Gophers win on Saturday at Wisconsin, after a poor performance Friday, proves they have the mettle to win the WCHA.

    • I hope so,but my #1 concern with the Gophers is their lack of a proven backup for Patterson. If he goes down,all bets are off.

      • Philipvanschepen

        Shibrowski may be untested, but according to people in the know, he is a capable backup. He’s not Patterson, but he will be okay. Remember last year they said without Kangas the Gopher’s had nothing and Patterson did fine.

      • jmsptrk

        you could say that about a lot of teams.

  • Joe

    This is the WCHA blog though RLK, not the AHA blog.

  • Guest

    How awful is the bottom half of the league? Can’t wait to be rid of the terrible small schools that have plagued this conference for years.

    • Phil Van Schepen

      Have you checked the standings? The bottom of the league is Denver, CC, and North Dakota. I don’t think they have been too terrible for a while. 

      • Guest

        I’m talking the true bottom of the league no matter what the standings. The Michigan Techs, BS Who?, Mankato, Anchorage, etc.

        • Abes

          Not so sure about terrible… maybe mediocre is better word. Can’t forget this without them there would have been few 25 and thirty win seasons for the “top teams”

        • UpNorthHockey

          You young fellers seem to fall pray to the mistaken belief that there are inherently strong and weak programs.  Strong programs come and go and will always continue to do so.  Michigan Tech was a perennial contender from 1960 to 1981 while Colorado used to be the WCHA cellar dweller.  Watch what happens when the NCHC develops its own perennial cellar dwellers and the new WCHA develops its own top teams.  The johnny-come-latelys in the NCHC camp will then be wishing they could dump SCSU and pick up Lake State or some other “like-minded” institution.