• Guest

    Capital District sweep of the North Country? It seems like a safe bet with the way all the teams involved have played as of late, but I just can’t see the North Country dropping 4 games this weekend…

    • WTFBrian

      I’m with Guest, Brian’s record is about to become that of Browns…

  • Angered Bobcat Fan

    Give the Q some love…you’d think they have Harvard or Gate’s record the way you’ve picked them this year.

  • 40 Year Big Red Fan

    “Ivy superiors”? Clearly not in humility or graciousness.

    • LGR629

      I was thinking the same thing. No need to take a shot at Cornell in a hockey prediction post.

      • Sucks to BU

        Especially when said writer went to BU.

  • Gus

    Clarkson will win at least one game this weekend. May even end up with 3 points.

    • Guest

      Good call…

  • 4life4america

    Union takes Clarkson and St. Lawrence and avoids the ambush and rolls over Princeton and Quinnipiac at Messa. Yale does not catch them

    • Bullpuppy

      Agreed. Congrats on your first Cleary cup.

  • Gatefan

    You call two empty-net goals a trouncing? Wow you sure love Harvard.