• Tgrozinski

    You forgot to pick the winner of the Clarkson-St.Lawrence game Tuesday. Probably has to go to the home team.

    • ECACWriter

      Whoops! Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Timbrush22

    How ’bout the Beanpot final?

  • Css228

    I doubt Cornell will come out of this weekend with no points. Expect at least one tie on the road this weekend.

    • Css228

      3-2 CORNELL!

  • John Smith

    hey sullivan u should stop calling the brown rule on colgate, cause they just won 2 in a row. In fact you should call the other brown rule, the one where horrible brown last year shocks everyone in the playoffs and goes to the ECAC semi-finals, cause you never know

    • ECACWriter

      I don’t know what I was thinking, now that you mention it… you’re right, Colgate won last week, and it didn’t click! Well, I suppose if the ‘Gate wins both their games this weekend, I’ll deserve the shot to my record.

      • ECACWriter

        Waaait a sec… this is what happens when I try to work before coffee. I DID stop calling TBR on Colgate! What are you talking about?

  • Viking

    SLU is ALWAYS tough. It takes a very good, very lucky team to take them 3 times, but its Clarkson – St. Lawrence hockey – anything can happen! Let’s go Tech. Rich (SLU ’78) and I will be watching this one with friends over single malt. A North Country Tradition!

    CCT ’70

  • Chris


    • WCHA Fan

      Whoot for Notre Dame.  I’ll get excited when the networks start broadcasting good matchups from all over the college hockey world.

  • collegehockeyfan

    uh oh, Big Ten is gonna have to try and beat this one too.