• J. Mark

    big weekend for heeter…. Bucks split at worst….

    • Kdjalaska

      big weekend for heeter…. Bucks split at worst.

      Really??? Try a SWEEP for Alaska

      • bex_alaska

        It was great when Alaska scored so excessively that the Buckeyes took out Heeter and replaced him with Micheal.

  • AB

    WMU’s unbeaten streak is 5-0-4

  • Jon

    Pretty sure the score of the 2nd UM-MSU game was 4-0, not 2-0

  • Guest

    Also when Miami played Notre Dame in Oxford, the home team did not take the first night (ND won 5-4).

    These articles have taken a decidedly downward turn from their usual 1-error-per-article rate.

  • WMU sweeps NMU…5-2, 6-1. Watch out Miami…after Bowling Green you’re next!!

    11 in a row..lets make it 12 …Go Broncos