Clarkson defeated host Bentley 3-2 in front of a full house at the JAR in Watertown. Thanks to shuttle buses provided by the University, the Falcons were supported by a large student turnout.

  • Ed_crumbpacker

    I don’t like ties, but I don’t like shoot-outs either. How about a 5-on-5, 5-min sudden death overtime, without goaltenders. Players would not be allowed in the crease to prevent a player from acting as an defacto unpadded goaltender, however they could station someone in front of the crease to prevent the easy rink wide dump goal that you sometimes get when the losing team has pulled their goalie.

  • Casey Todt

    I’d like to see what they do in soccer. Lets have two (5) five minute periods with the second going to 4v4 and then the shootout!