The Northeastern Huskies defeated the Ottawa Senators PWHL team 6-0 in their opening 2011-12 exhibition game on Friday night at Matthews Arena in Boston.

  • B.D.

    I agree that MTU put up a much better effort tonight. But that will probably help UND in the long run as they will not be on an over-confident jag in their next game which they might have suffered if they had once again devastated MTU.

    • UNDisalwayscocky

      Beg to differ, UND is always over confident…See UMD winning 2 years ago-UND fans couldn’t have been happier that UMD took out the Gophers, thought they didn’t even have to show up to play in the championship game.

      • CJ

        You thought wrong, UND is taking all challenger with the greatest of skill and the greatest of ease. See you next year Gopher.

      • Sara

        Um… first of all…. UND was happy UMD took out the Gophers because it ended their season and we hate the Gophers. Secondly, why would we think we didn’t have to show up against UMD that year? A team we tied and lost to that year? Yeah, clearly we were overconfident then *rolls eyes*

      • Siouxbetcha

        MD was destined to win that Final 5. Stalock stood on his head through the whole tourneyment.

      • B.D.

        How many times have you posted as UND isalwayscockey?
        Sock-puppet much?

  • alaskabear

    Theresa, of course UAA fans read your column. You selected MN in 3. That’s okay though.. you ALWAYS and I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S give UAA much more credit than what’s his face..

    • collegehockeyfan

      I can honestly say, in posts about a month and a half ago, that UA-A would upset someone to get into the final five. I am proud of the seawolves putting the rodents season to an end. Congrats!

    • SiouxND

      I was at the UND game last night in the student section…There were several UAA chants as the score was updated…During the game and after! We’re excited to see them at the Final Five!

    • Theresa Spisak

      I actually meant the coaches/players (as one coach has admitted to reading predictions, as I wrote above). I will admit that the UAA/UM pick hurt to do … but in that case, I had to go with the numbers … same reason why I went with UNO – law of averages usually does actually come about. Except this weekend … obviously. Which is why the playoffs are awesome.

      It’s also great to see that parity is still alive and well.

  • J

    FRATT PARTY all the way through the national championship

    • Lennyak1

      Doubtful. BC is till out there and UND is 3 – 6 vs BC in the Nationals. Just sayin.

      • Sara

        i’d get over the bc owning und crap. how many guys on both bc and und’s team have even played against each other? i can name a mere 4 und guys that have played bc, so you can throw that out the window. i laugh at those who use records to make a suggestion…

      • stickontheice

        That record is pretty close to BC’s championship record of 4-6. Thats an interesting fact – 9.5% of all NCAA Mens Ice Hockey Championships have been lost by Boston College. The fact of 10 championship game appearances is very admirable, especially considering many of them are in the recent years.

        What does it mean for this year? Not a single thing beyond the opportunity to watch one heck of a game if these two giants collide. As a lifelong student and player of the game, I can tell you if you have your mind on what happened 2 years ago instead of what is happening on the ice in front of you, the chances for success drop greatly. At this level of play, one shift can change a game and it doesn’t need to include a goal. Any little thing that can change the mentality of your opponent is an advantage for you and can make the difference. I completely understand the homer mentality and would cheer for my local bantam team to beat the Olympic team, but don’t let that blind you.

  • Hailey

    Since going there in 71, I’ve followed CC – and the WCHA is not to be triffled with, which makes it exciting this time of year….

  • Panther2360

    Go UMD! They are good enough to play with anybody right now.

  • GeauxSioux

    As a UND homer, I think I’d love to see UAA beat UND and take home the McNaughton. It would be awesome to see UAA in the field.

    • GeauxSioux

      Whoops, I meant Broadmoor.

  • Daggdagg5

    CC does it again. Coming from behind and winning the series. On to the final five! Fight on Tigers! Taking the WCHA by storm! Sioux Suck!

  • GS

    I’m personally thrilled for UAA and for Bemidji State. The Gophers somehow think it’s their entitlement to be in the Final Five as well as the NCAA tournament. (Read Maturi’s remarks in today’s Star Tribune.)