• Rokkett21

    No chance BU gets swept

  • Dittoheadadt

    Yep, UNH has a chance to win their fourth HE regular season title in five years…during which BC won two NATIONAL titles and went to four title games. Go UNH – the Atlanta Braves of college hockey.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    congrats to all of College Hockey…Krieder’s injury just opened the door for someone to actually challenge BC in the NCAA’s this year…no more Frozen Four blowout!

    ESPN execs. rejoice!

  • Brodie

    Congratulations to Merrimack!
    The best is yet to be!!!
    Go Warriors!

  • Jay

    Kudos to Jim calling for a 4-3 BC win tonight and RS title

  • Blldgshockey11

    Nice to see the guys still having fun!