Photographer Shelley Szwast captured these images from Yale’s 6-0 victory over Cornell:

  • Marty McFly

    I’m going to Vegas in October next year and take the over in this game. I’ll be rich!!!

    10. The teams have met before, of course, in a similar setting, Oct. 6, 2011, in Spartan Stadium, in front of a then-record crowd of 74,554. That game ended in a 3–3 tie. MSU and UM have met 42 times since that contest, through which the Wolverines have an 18–15–9 advantage. Ten of those contests have been one-goal games.

  • Paula Weston

    Won’t we all. *laugh* I’ll fix that typo.

  • Anonymous

    Given what transpired on Friday night, UNO missed a golden opportunity to really inject themselves into the MacNaughton Cup picture by losing Friday night. All they did was lose a point to ND and keep pace with everybody else. 4 games left, all with two of the 3 teams in front of us.

    • GeauxSioux

      I like the idea of UNO, but they’ll be hard-pressed to catch UND considering the two teams’ remaining schedules.

  • UND is simply in the drivers seat right now. A sweep of Bemidji will essentially net them the MacNaughton Cup, provided UNO and DU sweep.

    Good job Theresa

  • Jason

    That DU goal was crazy. Gotta feel for the Tech goalie. That being said, it’s happened before and I’m sure it’ll happen again. The announcers must not watch much hockey outside of Denver if they’ve never seen that before.

  • LincolnJim

    hey y’all, at least no more frostbite victims up in Grand Forks after this one. Guess Coach Hak told them to stay inside after they rip it up, I mean hit the books

    • FightingSioux4ever

      Don’t hate! I like UNO, but they need to be more consistent. Nice to see the Sioux back where they belong.

    • GeauxSioux

      I forgot how academically demanding Nebraska-Omaha is.Remind me.

  • T-Kap

    You forgot BSU at 29th.

    • Theresa Spisak

      … I blame sick brain. Thanks, and duly edited.

  • Everyone is making a big deal about the MacNaughton Cup. North Dakota is surely in the drivers seat, but what’s truly important to the players and teams with winning and losing in the coming weeks is –
    1 – Seeding/Pairings for WCHA Tournament – Get a good first round matchup, and end up at the Xcel for the Final Five
    2 – PairWise Rankings – Breathing room for some, and the opposite for others trying to make a run
    3 – Final Five – Though important for the “bubble” teams trying to make it to the into regionals, the bids for the NCAA Tournament are much more important

    Good luck to all the teams in the next month, should be fun!