The Boston College Eagles defeated the Northeastern Huskies 3-1 in the Hockey East championship game at Walter Brown Arena in Boston. Northeastern was playing in its first final while the victory was BC’s first. BC will host Minnesota on Saturday, March 12, in the NCAA quarterfinals. Hockey East will also be represented by Boston University who will host Mercyhurst.

  • al

    The Miami/WMU series was in Kalamazoo last weekend…

  • fan

    fryer has it in for northeastern… allows has always will

  • Bharvey13

    UNH had a game tying goal disallowed against BU. The puck was resting on the back of the BU goalie’s and his foot crossed the goal line. the goal judge ruled it a goal, but the ref couldn’t see it on the replay. He asked the goal judge what he saw, goal judge said he saw it and should be a goal, but the ref disallowed it anyways. UNH didn’t deserve to win Friday, but should have won Saturday.

  • Cyanwinters

    Madolora got his 4th and 5th shutouts, actually.

  • Where Eagles Dare

    looks like the wealth keeps spreading at BC