• jerseydevil

    PC starting their annual trip out of the playoffs

  • Chris

    BC should be #1 today after the new rankings come out due to the fact they lost to a ranked team unlike UND and Yale. Either way it’s of no consequence as long as they remain top 4 in the pairwise and claim a #1 seed in a regional. See you in St. Paul

  • HEhockey

    It happens. Props to any goalie with 59 saves.

  • Anonymous

    Did you just say something positive about UAA? Unbelievable!

  • SgMan

    Michigan Tech needs to fire Coach Jamie Russell – NOW! The Athletic Director needs to fired also. We are a D1 Hockey team and MTU treats the JEM like it is just another D2 or D3 sport.

  • Bitter? I’m not bitter…

    Curt Thompkins, former MTU president, is the one who started the process of turning Tech into a basketball and football school. It’s really a shame that there isn’t a Div II level in college hockey because that’s were Tech belongs.

    The MacInnes Student Ice Arena is the smallest arena in the WCHA with the worst attendance. It’s beyond me why they wasted the money adding skyboxes for a perennial last place team…

  • Anonymous

    Having attended both UNO/Alabama Huntsville games I can tell you this:

    1. Alabama Huntsville never quit either night. They played hard. Kudos to them.

    2. I have never seen two hockey games that were so one-sided that were as close as these were. The Friday Night game was scoreless until almost the 3rd period. At times (in fact, a lot) Alabama Huntsville looked like they didn’t belong on the same ice with UNO (they shouldn’t, and, they don’t, really).

    3. Alabama Huntsville’s goalie played out of his mind on Saturday night. Kudos to him, but, he had a horseshoe up his you know what that night. It was an absolute shooting gallery out there. Some of UNO best scoring opportunities, both nights, came on Alabama Huntsville power plays. Really, when they were on the power play, you couldn’t even tell! They had a whale of time getting the puck out of their own end, power plays or not. Since we obviously had them so outmanned, it was clear that Coach Blais told his players to play super aggressive in man down situations and there were at least a couple occasions where UAH was on a power play and it looked like UNO was on one!! It was crazy.

    4. Let’s not forget that UNO had 3 goals waved off on Saturday night, one of which Coach Blais said, and I agree, was clearly a goal. One clearly wasn’t, though.

    5. Saturday night’s game was easily the most embarrassing hockey loss in UNO school history.

    6. I NEVER thought I’d hear myself saying this, but, I miss CCHA refs.

    7. Lost in all this was John Faulkner’s nation leading 5th shut-out on Friday night. Faulkner has now taken a shut-out into the 3rd period of 9 games this season!!! Nine!!!

    8. UNO has had a disturbing tendency to play down to their competition this year. Translation: They look like what they are, a team with 10 freshman almost all of whom are getting meaningful ice time.