Photographer Erica Treais captured these images Friday at Munn Ice Arena, where Ohio State rallied from a 3-1 deficit for a 4-3 overtime victory over Michigan State.

  • bombay

    In regards to his play at UMD, Olsen never played like a 1st round draft pick, after he got cut last year trying out for Canada he had a little spark but that quickly faded. Reports are that his showing for team Canada this year hasn’t got much praise either…not surprised, nor would i be if he is a bigtime draft bust. Faulk came in this year as a 2nd rounder and is lightyears ahead of Olsen. Faulk makes others around him clearly better. Olsen struggles with his own game leaving others to cover his mistakes over and over again. What he needs is a head on his shoulders but clearly that isn’t in the cards as academic issues again haunted him and most likely would have kept him out of the lineup. Sad excuse for a “student-athlete” like so many others across the board in all sports. oh-well

    • Tutone2

      And what level of hockey/ and or sport have you played?

  • FCC

    Dogs will be fine without him. UMD did everything they could except hold his hand and take him to class and make sure he does his schoolwork. Dylans loss it will take him longer to get to the NHL level because he could hardly compete at the College level. Good luck Dylan, break a leg!