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Live Blog ECAC Hockey semifinals

  • John Lennon

    I just wanna know, when Harvard plays Colgate next week, will you pick a tie? I’m a Colgate fan and don’t blame you for your picks. At least, you’re making them close games, which all of them have been, especially vs. Cornell.

    • ECACWriter

      That’s a very good question, and I haven’t considered it yet… I can’t pick ties; that just ruins the point of predicting at all. Can I predict some sort of hockey Armageddon? The stoppable force meets the movable object?

      I suppose I’ll just hope one of those teams wins a game this weekend and negates the double-Rule scenario.

      • guest

        love the John Madden reference. MNF just isn’t the same

  • Hockeyreferee23

    Don’t rule Clarkson out. They were up by three goals last year at Yale, (and they were truly awful last year), in the third period … only to blow it. It should be a great game, I give Clarkson the edge if the pep band shows up and is rowdy.

    • really?

      Your pep band is going to win a game for you? I have to call into question your sanity.

  • Fishing7

    Just got home from the Dartmouth @ RPI game. Great game RPI won 5-1 and looked great doing it! Best I’ve seen them play in awhile (since I saw them last year).