BOSTON — Join our writers for updates and commentary from the semifinals of the Frozen Four — Omaha vs. Providence and North Dakota vs. Boston University.

Live Blog NCAA Frozen Four semifinals

  • Guest

    “Goaltender Shawn Hunwick registered his third shutout of the season in Friday’s 2–1 win.”

    2-1 shutout? Impressive

    • Guest

      Second week in a row that I’ve seen that error.

      It may sound like nitpicking, but how long would it take to have someone proofread these articles?

      • Anonymous

        If shutouts are now one goal games, which I’m guessing they must be as we all know what Paula says must be true, then shouldn’t she be praising Reid Ellingson for his 2-1 and 3-1 shutouts this week! Typical Michigan bias by Paula once again. (For the love of the flying spaghetti monster I hope you all can sense the sarcasm.)

      • another guest

        You’re right.
        It does sound like nitpicking.

  • streaker

    It’s like “where’s Waldo” now- or shall I say the last ten years at least.

    Yeah, let’s send the Bucks some muffins. I guess Paula forgot that Michigan split down there, too. Some team that was in first place benefited from that, too. We’ll have those muffins delivered when that team down south comes for brunch at Yost on February 11-12.