Follow Omaha against Rochester Institute of Technology in the Midwest Regional final from South Bend, Ind.

Live Blog Midwest Regional final

  • kdiff77

    You might as well call it the “Colgate Rule” now; I think you’ve used it to justify picking against them for the last 7 games or so.

    Plus, I don’t want a rule named after my school for its futility…as accurate as it is.

    • ECACWriter

      I completely understand your point of view, but I can’t just rename the rule every time a team outgrows it. (I’m trying to think of a good comparison, but nothing immediately comes to mind.)

      I advise you embrace it instead, and be proud every time someone asks why such an undesirable description is named after such a powerful program. ;)

  • Righty

    I like this comment. “Yale proves why the are the top ranked team in the nation” Who are they playing that warrants a comment like this? It might mean a little more if any of there games this year were against top ten opponents or maybe try and schedule one. Just a thought

    • Bulldog07

      My god…this again? Hey Righty, why don’t you go read ANY of the editorials on USCHO, INCH, CHN, etc…all of which have taken this criticism and rejected it. Even more idiotic is the fact that you come to the ECAC BLOG to bitch about an ECAC team that’s 14 and freaking 1 being in first place.

      I’m done with responding to this idiocy. Until the Bulldogs are no longer #1 in KRACH, PWR, or RPI, all you haters can just SHUT UP.

      • Fan the Man

        Cant wait to see your team get stomped by worst ranked team come playoffs….. It must be hard playing brown and princeton all time boo hooo Actually Brown has got a tougher schedule! At least they play BU and a couple other legit teams